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Qualifying Events

There are certain life events which permit employees to make mid-year insurance election changes to their medical, dental, and life insurance as well as Flexible Spending Account and Health Savings Account elections. These life events, called "qualifying events," are defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A change in marital status (marriage or divorce)
  • The addition of a dependent (by birth or adoption)
  • The loss of insurance coverage due to a change in employment status
  • The death of a spouse or dependent
  • The loss of dependent eligibility status (no longer of eligible age based on plan guidelines or loss of full-time student status)

Please understand that HRD is required to adhere to federal regulations as well as applicable plan guidelines in the administration of University of Hartford insurance plans.

If you experience a qualifying event, it is imperative that you notify HRD within 30 days of this event. Based on IRS regulations, this 30-day time period provides employees with a special enrollment period in which to make applicable insurance benefit election changes.

Failure to notify HRD within 30 days of a qualifying event will result in loss of eligibility for continuation of applicable insurance coverages under federal COBRA law and/or plan guidelines. In these instances, the employee must then wait until the University's next annual open enrollment period (which occurs in the fall) to make insurance election changes.

If you have any questions regarding qualifying events or when applicable insurance coverages begin or end, please contact your designated HR Service Partner immediately.

Qualifying Event Form