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Career Services

Welcome to Career Services. Our primary goal is to help University of Hartford undergraduate students acquire the tools needed to make effective career decisions during each phase of their academic career development. When staff and resources permit, our services are available to graduate students and alumni as well. We coordinate with faculty, help with student academic and career planning, connect employers with students and alumni seeking jobs or internships, and advise parents how to assist their students with their career planning.

Students -- need a part-time job during the semester?

There are some on-campus jobs available, however, there are many more available off-campus which are near the campus.  We suggest you start your search as soon as you can to obtain a part-time job.

To view a listing of jobs, register yourself onto CareerBridge to begin your search.  This resource will allow you to search for part or full-time jobs as well as internships. You may search via specific keywords (example, part-time, on-campus, internship, etc.)

If you cannot find an on-campus job, and do not have access to a car, be sure to check out the city bus schedule or the campus shuttle service as a way for transportation to a job opportunity.  Another possibility would be the zipcar.

Additional information concerning part-time jobs.

Check out a few of the new jobs posted on CareerBridge this week:

19207 Seasonal:  Summer Venture in Management Program, Havard
19188 Intern:  State of CT Dept. of Agriculture
19189 FT:  Associate Designer
19200 Intern:  Marketing
19176 FT:  Health Benefits Anaylst
17177 FT: Construction Inspector
19178 FT:  Qualitative Anaylst
19184 FT:  3rd & 4th Grade Teacher
19165 FT:  Java Develper
19166 FT:  Electronics Engineer
19170 FT:  Computer Scientist
19148 Seasonal:  Entomology Summer Research Asst.
19149 FT:  Medical Scribe
19153 FT:  Market Analyst-Market Compliance
19155 FT:  High School Computer Science Teacher
19159 FT:  Special Education Teacher
19164 PT:  Organist/Accompanist
19135 FT:  Financial Representative
19140 FT:  Asst. Project Manager
19142 FT:  Logistics Specialist
19143 FT:  Financial Analyst, Timex US
19144 On-Campus:  Graduate Asst., Res Life
19145 On-Campus: Summer Asst., Res Life
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Now Hiring!

Image of home_depot.jpg

Home Depot is now hiring and offering Tuition Reimbursement!  Check it out