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Grade and Reimbursement Information

Effective with the fall 2006 semester, the Registrar's Office no longer sends printed grade mailers to students through the U.S. Mail.  Grades are available online through the Student Self-Service Center at  Faculty members should contact the Registrar’s office at 860-768-5565 with PIN problems and questions regarding entering grades.

Student grades are available to you as soon as they are entered into your academic history, eliminating the wait for a paper copy.  Any questions regarding missing or incorrect grades will need to be directed to your instructor.

To obtain your grades you will need your student ID number (User ID) and PIN.

 View Grades

  1. Go to
  2. Choose Student Sign-on and enter User ID and PIN
  3. Student Main Menu
  4. Student Academic Records
  5. Final Grades
  6. Choose the correct term and click on Display Grade Mailer
  7. Click the Printer Friendly button
  8. Click File and the click Print for your printable document

Outstanding financial obligations (hold on your record):  If you have an outstanding financial obligation you will still have access to view your grades on-line by clicking on the "Display Grade Mailer" button. 

Please note that student grades are NOT given out over the telephone.  Grades are entered on student accounts either by the Professor or Registrar’s office.  Professors may take up to 48 hours after the final exam or final class to submit grades.  However, this may be extended for certain classes.  Please do not contact us if your grade is not shown for a particular course.  It will appear on the self-service center when it is ready for student viewing.

Any question regarding a grade you have received needs to be directed to your professor.  SASC and Registrar do not handle questions regarding individual grades. 

Student’s who need their PIN reset can do so through the self-service sign-on process, by contacting SASC during regular business hours, or by e-mailing us from your University of Hartford e-mail account at


We have an instant on-line student verification report which includes term specific course, grade, fees, and payment information*.   Contact SASC if you require additional documentation for your employer reimbursement.  We process receipt and verification information in the order in which it has been received.  Please allow 7 to 10 business days for processing.

Get Grade, Course, Fee, and Payment Documentation

  1. Go to
  2. Choose Student Sign-on and enter User ID and PIN
  3. Student Main Menu
  4. Employer Reimbursement Receipt
  5. Choose the correct term and click on Display Verification Data
  6. Click the Printer Friendly button
  7. Click File then Print for your printable document

* Please be advised that payments may be inadvertently posted using an incorrect term.  The University of Hartford uses an automated payment system where only one term can be used when posting payments.  Therefore, at the beginning or end of a term payments may be posted using an incorrect term.  Should this happen, please contact SASC and we can provide you with the appropriate receipt.

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