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Parking Permit Information and Fees

ALL Vehicles parked on University-owned or controlled property must display a parking permit, or a valid Guest Parking Pass. Parking Permits are available year round. Guest Passes may be issued by official University Departments on a per event basis and are only valid for the days printed on the pass. Please see the links section below for Department sponsored guest passes and to register special event parking requests.

Obtaining and Displaying a Parking Permit

Permits are available on-line at the University of Hartford's Self-Service Center. Permits are normally issued at registration time at the beginning of each semester, but are also available throughout the year. Each person obtaining a permit is required to electronically sign by clicking on the "I Agree" button to abide by University regulations detailed in the living document your car on campus. Adobe Reader is required to view this document, and must be installed on your computer first.

Parking Permits are REQUIRED by all Part-Time, Full-Time Fac/Staff & Students Undergrad and Grad, All schools, programs and degrees. No exceptions. Parking Permits Are REQUIRED by the first day of class each semester.

Parking Fees for the 2015 Academic Year

September 1, 2014–August 1, 2015

Resident Student Main Campus

Type of Permit 2014 2015
  On or after August 1 On or after August 16 On or after October 21 On or after November 12 On or after December 21 On or after March 01 On or after March 21
  Full Price Pro-Rated


Full Year

$470.00* $352.50*   $235.00*   $117.50*
Thanksgiving to Fall Semester Final Exams       $60.00      
Commuter Student   $75.00     $45.00    
Resident AAC (Asylum Avenue Campus) $100.00            
Fac/Staff and ARAMark $25.00         $12.50  

Mayterm 2015

No permits are required

Summerterm On-line Sales

Type of Permit Start: May 6, 2015; End: August 1, 2015
Commuter $45.00
Resident $45.00

Winterterm On-line Sales

Type of Permit Start: December 15, 2014; End: January 15, 2015
Commuter $15.00
Resident $45.00

Posting Permits - Temporary Vehicles and Replacement Vehicle Parking

Posting is available on-line through the Self-Service Center

Type of Permit Self use vehicle Late Night Lab Stay Guest Fees
Resident YES if no other vehicle is already permitted this year. N/A   14 free then $5.00 per post. Limit of 28 per semester.
Commuter Yes Yes if authorization is on file.   14 Free then $5.00 per post. Limit of 28 per semester.
Fac/Staff YES N/A YES N/A

* Notice

Full price will be charged if you have any outstanding citations at the time of permit purchase. Discounted price starts at 12:01 am on the date stated. When you make your request on line you are PURCHASING the permit at that time and date.

All new permits will go on sale early August each year.

Call 860.768.7985 with any parking questions or consult your car on campus.

Ready to purchase your parking permit? Go to the Self-Service Center Portal.