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Caring Staff Member

This month, the Division of Student Affairs is proud to recognize four student staff members:

Kevin Ruiz

Kevin Ruiz has been the Greek Life Adviser for Fraternity Life for two years.  Along with the ability to establish a positive relationship with many different student groups and campus administrators, Kevin has a genuine interest in helping others and always has a positive outlook on life.  Kevin has done some remarkable work with the Greek Community as their adviser and he will continue to make an impact on campus long after his graduation.  During his tenure here as a student and the Greek Life Adviser, Kevin has worked hard to create and establish a community that both current and future Greek student leaders would cherish and appreciate.  With this level of commitment, Kevin really made a difference in so many lives of our student leaders.  Kevin cares about our students, the community, and the University of Hartford.

Jacie Longo

Jackie Longo has been the Greek Life Adviser for Sorority Life for two years.  Jackie has been a positive role model for the many student leaders within the Greek community.  She is warm, compassionate, and sensitive to the needs of the students in the Greek Community and beyond.  Over the last two years, Jackie has worked to create a community that all students can enjoy, where they can grow and develop, and become active participants beyond the Greek organizations.   Jackie’s leadership has provided our student leaders with a wealth of experience beyond the classroom.  Jackie cares about our students, the community, and the University of Hartford. 

Linsay Swan

Lindsay Swan has been the Coordinator for Student Activities since spring 2014.  As a former student athlete for the university, Lindsay has broadened her repertoire with student activities and with a slight flare of athleticism for the Campus Activities Team.  Her attention to detail and organizational skill has been a boost of success for CAT this year.  Lindsay has been a great coordinator for CAT especially during Spring Fling and our late night programs.  Lindsay’s commitment to excellent never fell short when it came down to the students.   Lindsay’s commitment to the development and growth of our students occurred both in and outside of the classroom environment.  Lindsay cares about our students, the community, and the University of Hartford. 

Monique Smalls

Monique Smalls is the graduate assistant for the Office of Multicultural Programs. She has been a patron of the office since her freshman year, and the growth that I have seen in this young woman is quite impressive.  Monique is a born leader, and her skills have been honed through involvement in many student organizations, a wealth of community service, and her spirited engagement. Monique was been a member of Brothers and Sisters United throughout her undergraduate years, and now serves as graduate advisor to that organization. She has also been involved in the BSU Fashion Show for many year – having been a model and coordinator - she is now the lead coordinator for that event. She has been a member of Fenomena, and has performed with them through numerous award winning performances.  Monique has also coordinated performances with Fenomena and the UHA Steppaz and helped develop the idea for a Spring Showcase that draws hundreds to our campus. As the graduate assistant for the Harford Scholars Program, Monique schedules lunch time discussions with first year Scholars to “pulse-check” their experiences, to make them aware of resources and services, and to encourage them to get involved in campus life.

Monique’s strengths lie in her organizational and planning skills, her ability to reach across the aisles to rally others  for support, and in her ability to think on her feet. Her creative energy, and willingness to listen and provide honest and well thought-out feedback are her hallmarks and she is widely respected among her peers.  Her unique ability to conceptualize fresh and innovative ideas drives her creativity and motivates her to involve others in “stepping  up.”  Monique is a self-starter and I have no concerns when Monique is at the helm in my absence. She asks lots of meaningful questions, makes good decisions, is always open to what others have to say and respects other perspectives. Classy, smart, stylish, well spoken, level-headed, and polished are adjectives that aptly describe Monique. She is one of the best graduate assistants I have ever had the pleasure of working with and she is destined for success in anything she undertakes because she goes above and beyond the call of duty. Monique has truly made a difference in the quality of student life on our campus!