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Your conduct process may result in sanction(s). You will be given a sanction form with specific details of the requirements from your conduct officer. If you are unsure of which sanction(s) you have to complete, please contact the Office of Student Conduct Administration at 860-768-7834 or stop by their office in GSU 307.

If you have not completed your sanction(s) by the date of your given deadline, you will be considered non-compliant and you may be suspended from the University for one year or lose your on-campus housing privileges for one academic year.

Many of the sanctions require you to set up an appointment with the Connections Health Education and Wellness Center in Commons 116. Here is a list of commonly assigned sanctions.

Alcohol EDU

An online alcohol education program different from the one you took as an incoming student. It takes approximately 3 hours to complete and you must pass the quiz at the end with a score of 75 or higher. Cost: $25. Sign up at Connections.

Apology Letter

This assignment asks you to write an apology letter to a specific person reflecting on the incident and how your actions impacted your community as well as the individual(s) you are apologizing to. It is not meant to justify your actions; defensiveness or inappropriate language will not be accepted.


BASICS is a confidential one-on-one appointment with a trained wellness professional on campus. Cost: $50 (alcohol) or $100 (drug). Make an appointment at Connections.


A one time alcohol/drug prevention program. CHOICES is offered once per month from 12:15-1:30 p.m. in Commons 116. Your conduct officer will let you know when the next class is offered. Cost: $25 (alcohol) or $50 (drug). See Connections with questions.

Compensatory Service

Compensatory service hours provide you with an opportunity to give back to the community on or off campus. Your conduct officer will set the number of hours due and help connect you to a service opportunity. The person you are expected to work with will be listed on your sanction form. It is your responsibility to contact him/her to set up times for service completion. It is best to contact your supervisor as soon as you receive your sanction form.


Community Opportunity Resident Education (C.O.R.E.) is a group Student Conduct Hearing. Your student conduct history is taken into consideration. An email invitation will be sent to you if you are eligible and you will be asked to RSVP. Attendance is not mandatory, but recommended. If you are not invited to C.O.R.E. you will be scheduled for an individual hearing.

Loss of Room Selection Participation

You cannot participate in room selection, which includes anchoring and living with groups that receive priority housing (RAs, RFAs, etc.). You may re-apply for housing on or after May 1. If a student’s room selection privileges are revoked after room selection has happened, the Office of Residential Life reserves the right to pull the student’s fall housing assignment.

Marijuana 101

An online marijuana education program that takes approximately 2 hours to complete. Cost: $50. Sign up at Connections.


A designated period of time in which your student conduct record is on “elevated alert.” If you break probation by violating the code of conduct or failing to comply with sanctions due, you may face a loss of room selection privileges, a ban from Spring Fling, suspension from housing or suspension from the University. During your probation period, your conduct officer reserves the right to call you in for follow-up meetings.

Written Assignment

The nature of each written assignment varies based on your student conduct history and the type of violation you are responsible for. Your conduct officer will provide you with details about your paper, including length and content.

Written Warning

A basic expectation that you will not be involved in any further student conduct violations. If you go through the conduct system again, you will face harsher sanctions.