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Misconduct Resolution Process

At the University of Hartford, community matters. Student Conduct is one of many offices on campus that works actively to maintain community standards and support a campus environment where every student’s rights are protected. The misconduct resolution system is meant to be educational and non-adversarial. Every student who goes through the process is offered a fair opportunity to discuss the incident that happened with a trained professional staff member.

The Misconduct Resolution Process can be found in full in The Source, p. 95.

The steps of the Misconduct Resolution Process:

  1. An incident occurs.
  2. A report is generated within 5 academic days and forwarded to the Office of Student Conduct Administration.
  3. The case is assigned to a student conduct officer.
  4. The student receives an email with the date and time of their conduct meeting.
  5. The student and the conduct officer have a conversation about the incident and a resolution is reached. Students have the option to:
  • Settle the misconduct violation(s) through an administrative disposition (accept responsibility for a misconduct violation(s) and accept offer of an administrative disposition);
  • Supply documentation or provide witnesses showing the misconduct violations to be incorrect within 7 academic days;
  • Request a review within 5 academic days of delivery of the decision with the Office of Student Conduct Administration if student disputes outcome of administrative decision (more about the Administrative Review Process can be found in The Source, p. 97).