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Special Event Intake Form

  1. Review the Special Events Operations Plan.
  2. Reserve the space through 25Live.
  3. One month prior to the date of the major event, the sponsoring organization must attend a special events meeting to review major events policy and procedures. You will be sent an email with your appearance date. All paperwork and publicity must be submitted prior to the meeting date. Meetings take place on Tuesdays in GSU 218 at noon.
  4. All events requiring ticketing must use the HawkHub University Ticketing System.  For more information, contact Kristy Severino at
  5. Meet with your advisor and or supervising staff member and review details of event.
  6. Attend, and make sure that all supervising staff members are present at, the pre-event meeting 30 minutes prior to the opening of the event.
  7. Individual members who violate the rules may be automatically removed from the event.
During the event all members of the department or student organization identified to work the event must:
  • Attend event from start to finish;
  • Participate in a pre-event room inspection with the event crew chief;
  • Be identified as sponsor members by wearing identification as determined by the building manager or event crew, if at event;
  • Ask Public Safety to remove individuals from the event who behave inappropriately;
  • Make the announcement at the end of the event and encourage participants to disperse;
  • Not put themselves in jeopardy when an emergency situation presents itself;
  • Not interfere with Public Safety in the arrest or ejection of any individual, or be subject to ejection, from the event, and not interfere with University disciplinary action;
  • Complete a postevent evaluation of the event.

Custodial: $15–30/hr (4-hour minimum)
Grounds: $15–30/hr (4-hour minimum)
Public Safety: $35/hr (4-hour minimum)
Hartford P.D.: $384 per officer (8-hour minimum)
Hartford P.D.: $488 per ranking officer (8-hour minimum)
C.S.E. Manager: $45.50/hr
C.S.E. Supervisor: $32.50/hr
C.S.E. Staff: $18.85/hr
SCA—Commons late-night party: $295 (cost for event staff and late-night charge)
SCA—Konover late-night party: $340 (cost for event staff and late-night charge)
SCA—GSU late-night party: $465 (cost for event staff and late-night charge)
SCA—Early-opening charge weekends: $35 between 9–11am, $70 if before 9 am
SCA—Early-opening charge weekdays: $35 between 7–8 am, $70 if before 7 am


Event information

Event title: *

Student organization: *

Contact person: *

Contact's email: *

Contact's phone : *

Note: The advisor's signature MUST be brought to the special events meeting; it does not need to be submitted electronically.

Advisor's name: *

Advisor's email: *

Budget org. no.: *

Budget acct. no.: *

See page 1 of the Special Events Operation Plan for definition of each level.

Level of event: *

Event location(s): *

All publicity must be submitted via email to Make sure you put the title of the event in the subject line of the email message.

Form of advertising:

Please list your other publicity.

Other publicity:

Enter all dates in mm/dd/yy format. Enter all times in hh/mm/am or pm format.

Event date: *

Setup time: *

Breakdown time: *

Event start time: *

Event end time: *

No. of attendees: *

If you will be providing food at your event, you MUST approach ARAMARK first before going to any outside establishment for food needs. (See p. 5 of the Special Events Operation Plan.)

Will food be provided?: *

A full-time University employee must represent the student organization and be responsible for overall supervision of the group and event. Your event must be monitored and supervised by one staff member per every 100 students estimated to attend the event. For example, an estimated 100 students would require one staff member; an estimated 500 students would require five staff members. (If you are not mandated more than one supervisor, please place n/a in the boxes below for supervisors 2-5.)

1. Lead supervising staff name: *

Email: *

Phone: *

2. Additional supervising staff name:



3. Additional supervising staff name:



Please list any additional information you wish to share with us.

Additional information:

By clicking the "Submit" button, I concur that I have read and agree to all operating rules and regulations as stated in the Special Event Operations Plan and in the Student Organization/Departmental Responsibilities section of that plan. I am also confirming that the supervising staff members listed above have agreed to supervise my event.