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Voter Rights

Registering to vote is one of the greatest privileges of a United States citizen. Every four years we have the opportunity to elect the next leader of our country. To ensure that everyone can place their vote, there are rights and regulations for voting. As a student you have the right to choose whether you would like to vote using your home address or your school address. Where you choose to vote will not affect your tuition, financial aid, taxes, or insurance. There are many other misunderstandings surrounding voter registration, and if you have any question or concerns, please feel free to contact the Center for Community Service at the University of Hartford, or your local officials.


Most often in-state tuition is less expensive than out-of-state-tuition. While this may be a concern for some students, voter registration will not impact your place of residency in regard to tuition. 

Financial Aid

The vast majority of students do not need to worry about voter registration having an impact on Financial Aid. Pell Grants, Perkins and Stafford Loans, Academic Competitive Grants, SMART Grants and other federal student loans will not be affected by voter registration. Whether or not you are considered your parent’s dependent for the purposes of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is not determined by voter registration either.

Only those students with private scholarships and grants, that may be dependent on residency, should be concerned about voter registration impacting financial aid. For these few students, contact your scholarship or grant administrator to make sure that your voter registration will not impact your scholarship or grant.


If your parents claim you as a dependent for tax purposes, your voter registration status will not affect your dependent status. As long as you make less than $3,500 per year and your parents provide more than half of you support, you are still considered a dependent regardless of where you live and vote.


For students who have health insurance through the University, registering to vote will not affect your coverage. Voter registration is also not a factor for car insurance. 

Click here: "50-State Student Voting Guide" from the Brennan Center for Justice to learn more about specific state laws and rules around voting in the 2016 Election.

Click here: State Election Dates & Deadlines.