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Procedure for Taking Exams with Accommodations


In order to qualify for testing accommodations, the student must have been approved for accommodations based appropriate documentation on file with Access-Ability Services. Some professors are able and willing to provide test/exam accommodations in the classroom setting. It is imperative that the student makes individual arrangements with each professor one week prior to each test/exam. Students may choose not to use accommodations for their tests.
Students are required to take tests/exams at the same time/date as their class.  Occasionally, a scheduling conflict arises, and, if necessary, legitimate exceptions to the standard policy may be made.

Procedures for Test/Exam Accommodations for Students and Faculty

Students may choose not to use testing accommodations on a case-by-case or course-by-course basis.

The STUDENT will:

  • Make a "reservation" to take a test at Access-Ability Services one week prior to the scheduled test/exam date and complete an Exam Administration Form.
  • Access-Ability Services then emails the form to the professor.
  • Arrive on time to take the test.
  • Follow the tenets of academic honesty.
  • Leave personal belongings including jacket, book bag, pocket book, cell phone, beeper, personal listening device, textbooks and notebooks in the reception area.
  • Take the test in the assigned space.
  • Submit any scrap paper, calculations, or notes with the completed test/exam.
  • If a student requires the use of the lavatory, a notation will be written on the exam.
  • Students may leave as soon as the test is completed unless the "standard" test has not yet been administered. Once the student leaves the test site, the student forfeits access to the test.


  • Submit the completed Exam Administration Form with the test/exam and all related materials to Access-Ability Services at least 24 hours in advance of the schedule test time.
  • Provide Access-Ability Services with a phone number in the event that a problem or question arises during the test.
  • Retrieve the completed test/exam from Access-Ability Services the following day.