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This is my story

Rafael D'Alo ’13

Capturing Moments

I am in the midst of my first-year of the University of Hartford’s International Limited-Residency MFA Photography program. (Hartford Art School) This program is unusual because my classmates and I meet only a few times a year. We spend two weeks together at the University in the summer and then travel to other cities, such as Berlin, Germany and New York City, for seven to ten days in the spring and fall. In between these intensive classroom sessions, we work independently on our assignments from home while staying in touch with U of H faculty. The schedule is perfect for me because it allows me to continue to work as a photographer in my home country of Brazil.

This is truly an international program. There are several other students from South America. I also have classmates from Germany, Iceland, Japan and the United Kingdom. We also come from different backgrounds. We all have experience in photography, but not everyone does it for a living. For example, one student is a practicing lawyer, one is a doctor and another just left his job in the banking industry.

I’ve been drawn to photography since I was a teenager growing up in Brazil and after I moved to Salem, Oregon for high school. I like the pretense of capturing a moment. That moment will never really be like what you see in the photo, but maybe your memory will. I like remembering how I felt when I took the photo and why I chose to frame a certain scene a certain way.

I hope to continue using photography to tell stories. I plan to keep practicing, trying different things and challenging myself.

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