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Contact Your Roommate

In early August, the Office of Residential Life will send you an email with information about your roommate. Before you move to campus, we suggest that you contact your roommate so you can get to know one another and coordinate what each of you will bring to the room e.g. who is bringing a television, a microwave, or a refrigerator. 

You also can go to, which is our Residential Life Facebook page, where you can connect with your residential area's Facebook page. These pages provide great opportunities for you to meet your roommate and other students living in the same residential area.

  • Willie Taylor '20 meeting his roommate for the first time
    Willie Taylor '20 meeting his roommate for the first time

    Before coming to campus, Willie had contacted his roommate. They talked over summer, so when they moved on to campus, they knew each other

  • Gavin Mealey '20 signing the Class of 2020 banner
    Gavin Mealey '20 signing the Class of 2020 banner

    When you move to campus, you and your fellow classmates will sign a big banner that will be hung in the Library

  • Class of 2020 waiting for Convocation
    Class of 2020 waiting for Convocation

    Each year, students walk together to Convocation

  • The Big H
    The Big H

    Every year, it is tradition that the new class gathers at convocation to make a big H

Roommate Success Tips

  1. Be respectful as you communicate, listen, and share.

  2. Be neat and rearrange the room together.

  3. Practice communication and compromise.

  4. If you want to borrow something, always ask permission first.

  5. Work out routines for late-night studying and early morning classes.

  6. Learn how to live and build mutual respect for each other by doing an activity together.

  7. Complete a Roommate Agreement Form (obtained from your resident assistant)

Should roommate difficulties arise, speak with the residential life staff members in your community. Your residential assistant and residential director can help mediate issues.