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Residential Assistants (RA) needed for 2019-20

Are you interested in helping the Office of Residential Life create a fun and safe environment for students, then apply to be an Residential Assistant (RA) for 2019—20 before January 26. 

As an Residential Assistant, you have a variety of responsibilities, including facilitating community development, enforcing institutional policies, planning student programs and community builders, and so much more.

If you are interested in this position, you should have a high degree of responsibility, commitment, and dedication. Prior to completing your online Residential Assistant application, please read the information below to ensure you have a full understanding of the position and its responsibilities. 

Submit your online Resident Assistant Application for Employment.

Application process

Required qualifications

Required skills: 

  • Enrolled as a full-time undergraduate (minimum of 12 credits) student. Graduate students are not eligible for the position.  
  • Obtain sophomore or higher standing by the start of the fall 2019 semester. Applicants must also have completed at least one full semester at the University of Hartford by the start of the fall 2019 semester.
  • Have a 2.75 cumulative GPA or higher by the end of the fall 2017 semester. Any applicant that does not meet the GPA requirement will not be eligible for consideration until they raise their cumulative GPA to a 2.75.
  • Obtain/maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by your specific college and/or program of study.
  • Eligible to receive financial assistance from the University of Hartford (In most cases 99.9% of students at the University are considered eligible – You do not need to currently receive financial aid, you just need to be eligible for financial assistance). Residential Assistants are compensated with room and board and students who are not eligible for this form of compensation are, unfortunately, not able to be considered for the position.
  • No significant or repeated violations of University Code of Student Conduct or University Housing Agreement. Each applicant’s student conduct and housing records will be reviewed.
  • Commit to taking no more than one night course a semester. The Office of Residential Life views a night course as any class that occurs, in any part, after 7:20 pm.  
  • Limit additional employment and extra-curricular activities to 20 hours per week (on or off campus). 


  • Jan. 25: Application Deadline 
  • Feb. 17: RA Group Process Day in Gengras Studetn Union from 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. People will be invited to participate and be notified through their Hartford email. 
  • After Group Process Day, selected candidates will be asked to participate in a full interview, and will be given the choice of the following times
    • Feb. 25: RA Interviews in Gengras Student Union from 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
    • Feb. 26: RA Interviews in Gengras Student Union from 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
    • Feb. 27: RA Interviews in Gengras Student Union from 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
  • March 14: Notification of RA appointments to your Hartford email. 
  • March 25: Acceptance forms are due

How to apply

Complete the following: 

Submit your online Resident Assistant Application for Employment. Handwritten or printed applications will not be accepted. 

All applications MUST be submitted by Jan. 26, 2018 for consideration. Applications are accepted throughout the year, however any applications received after January 26 will not be eligible for consideration until after July 1, 2019.

What is required to complete the application?

  • Submit demographic, academic, personal, and extracurricular information about yourself
  • Provide the email for one reference who can attest to your character and work ethic. Residential Assistants, graduate assistants, and Residential Life staff are not eligible to serve as a reference.
  • Once the online application is completed, email a current resume and cover letter (in one PDF document) to Max Koskoff, Assistant Director of Residential Life at The Office of Career Services can help you develop the materials. 
  • If you want to be considered for a position in Hawk Hall, you will need to identify your residential learning community preference in your application. 

Group Process Day: 
Invited applicants are required to participate in our mandatory Residential Assistant Group Process Day on SUnday, Feb. 17, 2019. The event is split into two shifts (10-12:15 p.m. and 1:15-3:30 p.m.) and consist of a variety of observed group activities.

Selected applicants must participate in an RA interview. You will interview with each of our six resident directors one on one. Resident directors directly supervise resident assistants. 

You will be notified of your employment status before March 14, 2019.  

Resources and Support

In an effort to assist RA applicants, the following resources have been created. 

Resident assistant tabling session with Resident Director

  • Nov. 28, 2018 from 5—7 p.m. in University Commons 
  • Dec. 6, 2018 from noon—2 p.m. in GSU Hawk Lounge 
  • Jan. 22, 2019 from 5-7 p.m. in University Commons 

Do you need help writing your resume or cover letter? Do you want to tweak it for the RA position? Bring your cover letter and resume to the Career Services Office and ask one of their counselors to help you with your style and writing. They will also help you with interview preparation. It is highly recommended to set up an appointment with them to review your resume and cover letter. They are open Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. — 5 p.m. in GSU 207. You can also call 860.768.4287. 

Key Components of the Position

A) Student Support and Development 

  • Develop a community based on common interests. 
  • RAs in first year complexes will develop Organic Learning Communities in conjunction with their RDs and plan educational initiatives around their theme 
  • Develop one on one relationships with residents in their community. RAs are expected to know all of their residents by name and room. 
  • Advise individual residents on personal, social, and academic matters; making referrals as appropriate. 
  • Provide support and resources as needed. 
  • Be present and visible within your assigned residential community through Community hours 
  • Each RA must complete 2 community hours per week within their residential area. These hours must be scheduled at the beginning of the semester with their supervisor. These hours must occur between 9am-7pm. 
  • Become acquainted with and recognize all residents within your residential community within the first six weeks of each semester. 
  • Connect residents to one another and build a meaningful relationship with every resident within your community by the end of the semester. 
  • Educate students about the mission, vision, values, and brand of the University, Student Affairs, and the Office of Residential Life. 
  • Complete wellness checks as assigned by staff 

B) Residential Learning Model 

The Residential Learning Model (RLM) encompasses all aspects of the RA position in creating an educational environment for students to live and learn. The following are the specific requirements of the RAs for facilitating educational opportunities for residents on campus. 

  • Educate students about the educational priority as stated in the Residential Learning Model. 
  • Complete monthly, structured, intentional conversations with each individual resident regarding the educational topics outlined by the RLM, and log these intentional interactions in Roompact. 
  • Serve as a peer mentor for residents as they come to you with questions or concerns. Listen, support, and guide the resident to appropriate resources. Log meaningful conversations in Roompact. 
  • Facilitate community meetings as outlined by your RD (e.g. floor, area) to share area announcements, address issues, and build community. 
  • Facilitate the creation of community standards within your area at the beginning of each semester. 
  • Assist with the completion of roommate agreements by facilitating the discussion of topics such as cleaning, guest visitation, sharing belongings, etc. through Roompact. 
  • Assist residents with roommate conflicts and facilitate roommate mediations as needed or as directed by your RD. 
  • Plan, organize, and implement community builders according to the programming requirements determined by your RD. These programs are an opportunity to build community and foster social development among members of your area. 
  • Implement snow day community builders as directed by your RD. 
  • Complete administrative tasks within the timeline provided by your RD which include but are not limited to program requests, program evaluations, and surveying residents regarding program interests and any and all survey assessments. 
  • Develop passive educational materials for residents including (bulletin boards, door decorations, window decorations, and newsletters) as outlined by your RD and the educational initiatives of the RLM. 

*As the Office of Residential Life evolves these RLM initiatives are subject to change. 

C) Inclusive Living Community 

  • Develop an inclusive community, respectful of differences, that fosters learning and education 
  • Create a community where everyone feels welcome, valued, and respected. 
  • Create a community where members learn from one another across different identities and experiences. 
  • Create a community that is supportive and respectful of individuals’ differences and rights. 

D) Policy management, crisis response and duty 

  • Perform on-duty responsibilities (on a rotating schedule) including rounds, duty log, documentation, and emergency response. RAs are on duty from
    • 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. Monday through Thursday 
    • 7:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Friday through Sunday. 
  • During holidays, snow days, class cancellations, and emergency situations RAs will be on duty from the time of University closure until the following day when the duty shift ends. If an RA is on duty, duty keys and phone need to be picked up by 7:30pm or an arrangement made for the keys and phone to be picked up by another RA from that residential area. 
  • Duty key(s) and phone are to be returned and signed into the location that their RD sets by 11:30 a.m. on Monday through Friday, and 7:15 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. 
  • Duty key(s) must remain in area at all times. 
  • When on duty, the RA duty phone must remain turned on with the ringer to the highest volume level and must remain on campus at all times. RAs need to respond to all calls that come to the duty phone regardless of time. 
  • RAs will complete 2 hours of their assigned duty shift, from 7:30pm to 9:30 p.m., on weekdays (Sunday – Thursday) and 4 hours of their assigned duty shift, from 9:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., on weekends (Friday & Saturday) in the RA office or programming space. Each RD will outline where RAs will complete this portion of the duty shift as directed by your RD. Any professional staff member from the Office of Residential Life may require additional rounds on any given night. 
  • Enforce all University policies and educate residents about the regulations and guidelines that are outlined in The Source (Student Handbook) and the University Housing Agreement. It is expected that RAs will have read and be well versed in the policies in these documents. 
  • Submit documentation of all incidents through the StarRez Incident Communication Form. 
  • Complete a detailed duty log each night you are on duty using Roompact Software after the last round each night. 
  • Be present during and assist with the management of emergency/crisis situations as instructed by Residential Life professional staff. 
  • Serve as a Campus Security Authority with regard to Clery Act reporting. 
  • Contact Public Safety and/or the RD on Duty when necessary or when further support is needed 

E) Administrative Functions 

  • Complete daily administrative responsibilities including responding to email messages and checking Roompact accounts. 
  • Attend all scheduled meetings including 1-1s, departmental, and area staff meetings (Wednesdays @ 8:30 p.m.) 
  • Assist with the following administrative functions and events: 
    • Be available and on campus during the first weekend of each semester for relationship building, student interactions, and program implementation: 
    • Fall Semester – September 7, 2019 through September 9, 2019 
    • Spring Semester – January 25, 2020 through January 26, 2020 
    • Staff Recruitment and Selection (RA and Professional Staff) 
    • Spring Fling 
    • Opening (Aug./Jan.) and Closing (Dec./May) 
    • Room Selection process (February through April) 
  • Stay late and return early for all breaks (including Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break, etc.) as outlined by your RD and the Office of Residential Life. 
  • Be thoroughly familiar with the RA Resource Manual and RA Incident Response Guide 
  • Be responsible for putting up flyers and advertisements during your assigned duty shift 
  • Actively attend and participate in all paraprofessional staff training and development activities, which include, but are not limited to*: 
    • Senior Resident Assistant advance (Senior RAs only) – August 15 & 16, 2019 
    • New Resident Assistant training (New RAs only) – August 19, 2019 to August 21, 2019 
    • Resident Assistant Training– August 22, 2019 to August 30, 2019 
    • 2019 Resident Assistant Winter Training– January 15, 2020 to January 17, 2020 
    • Resident Assistant Learning Curriculum 
    • Fall and Spring Departmental Dinners 
    • University Functions/Events 
  • Be on time for all RA responsibilities. 
  • Submit weekly or bi-weekly reports as directed by your RD. 
  • Participate in the RA performance evaluation process each semester. 
  • Assist with all functions of residence hall openings and closing (planned and unplanned)*: 
    • Fall 2018 Coordinated Opening – August 31, 2018 to September, 4 2018 
    • Fall 2018 Coordinated Closing– December 15, 2018 to December 22, 2018 
    • Spring 2019 Opening – January 21, 2019 
    • Spring 2018 Coordinated Closing – May 6, 2019 to May 19, 2019 
  • Conduct room inspections at the beginning and end of each semester. 
  • Conduct monthly health and safety inspections; life safety inspections and submit required documents. 
  • Educate residents about and assist residents with housing selection and room change processes. 
  • Assist with the completion of the student census each semester. 
  • Report maintenance and facility concerns in a timely manner 

* Dates listed are subject to change at any time. 


  • Perform other RA-related responsibilities or duties as assigned by the Office of Residential Life. 
  • Positively contribute to the development and function of your staff team 

Terms of Employment

Terms and Conditions of Employment 

RAs will: 

  1. Be available from August 14, 2019 at 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on May 18, 2020. 
  2. Maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by the University of Hartford. 
  3. Have no more than two night time commitments a week. A night time commitment is defined by anything that would interfere with your RA role at/after 7:30 p.m. 
  4. Be available Wednesday nights at 8:30 p.m. for staff meeting 
  5. Register and maintain a minimum of 12 credit hours and be registered as a full-time student by June 1, 2019 
  6. Inform their RD at least 72 hours in advance if they plan on leaving campus for more than two consecutive nights. 
  7. Notify supervisor if additional involvement in either student clubs/organizations and/or employment exceeds 20 hours per week. Note: the RA role and responsibilities are still the primary non-academic commitment. 
  8. The RA position is an academic-year appointment. 
  9. The RA role is an at will employment position and RAs are appointed on a year to year basis. Residential Life reserves the right to change the location of the RAs assignment, if needed. 
  10. RAs must follow all housing selection timelines in accordance with the Office of Residential Life including deposits and completing the housing application. 
  11. Where applicable, RAs who have an apartment/ suite roommate may choose one person to pull into their apartment or suite. RAs must follow all procedures and deadlines for pulling someone into their space. It is suggested that RAs engage in a discussion about the nature of the RA role prior to residents agreeing to live with the RA. 
  12. RAs interested in and eligible for returning to the position will be required to participate in a re-appointment process. Continued employment is dependent upon work performance, department need, and an RAs employment record. 
  13. The RA position has a six semester term limit. Any student who has worked as an RA for six semesters (summer not included) will not be eligible for re-employment as an RA. 
  14. Earn at least 24 credit hours at the time of employment 
  15. Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 and a minimum semester GPA of 2.25. For RAs who need support will work with their supervisor and the Center for Student Success in the creation of an academic success plan. 
  16. Uphold the University’s housing agreement, and not be found in significant violation of policies as cited in The Source. 
  17. Be eligible to receive financial assistance in the form of RA Compensation outlined below. 
  18. Be available for opening and closing and applicable on duty times during the dates of this employment agreement. RAs may be asked to volunteer for additional compensation to be on duty during break and recess periods, including Thanksgiving, Winter Break and Spring Break. 
  19. Seniors will participate in an equal amount of closing shifts as non-senior staff members and must be present on the last day of closing. 
  20. Be responsible for release keys, master keys, office keys and/or swipe card. Loss of any of these may result in termination from the RA position and financial responsibility for the cost of lock changes. 
  21. Abstain from alcohol consumption, use of over-the-counter medication that can lead to drowsiness, or use of sleep aids 8 hours prior to the start of or during any duty shift/RA responsibilities. 
  22. Adhere to the RA Confidentiality & Technology Agreements. 
  23. Serve as a role model to all community members and to each other within and outside of the University community. Act in an ethical manner and demonstrate responsible decision making at all times. Enforce and adhere to all policies outlined in The Source, Housing Agreement, and the RA Incident Response Guide. 
  24. Serve as a University ambassador; represent the Office of Residential Life, Division of Student Success, and the University of Hartford in a positive and exemplary manner to students, parents, and outside community members. 
  25. Fulfill all RA related responsibilities outlined in the RA position agreement, the RA Resource Manual, the RA Job Action Process, the RA Incident Response Guide, and any additional responsibilities as directed by your RD, the Assistant Director for Community Development, and/or other Residential Life staff. 
  26. Provide excellent customer service to all community members and visitors as a representative of the Department of Residential Life and the Division of Student Success. 


Compensation for the Resident Assistant position includes a housing assignment in a single occupancy room (note that exceptions to the single room may be made for unforeseen circumstances) and at minimum a Student Leader meal plan, which consists of 200 meals and 500 dining dollars. The Office of Residential Life does not provide compensation for any fees or deposits that may come with being a residential student. RAs are not able to alter their compensation package, which includes changing their housing assignment and/or meal plan for any reason. Please note that the Office Residential Life may move your assignment at any point to meet the needs of the department. 

Good things to know

  • Housing: You are placed in a specific area and are tentatively assigned to buildings based on the need of the community and department. All Resident Assistant assignments are tentative as the Office of Residential Life reserves the right to move a Residential Assistant for a departmental or University need. If selected, your specific housing assignment is a designated staff assignment and can only be occupied while you are employed in the role.  Requests for special housing accommodations will be reviewed, however we cannot guarantee they can be accommodated as Residential Assistants are placed in specific rooms.
  • Priorities: Anyone selected for the RA position is expected to recognize the RA position as your primary non-academic responsibility. Scheduling of staff meetings, duty nights, supervision and all other RA duties takes precedence over all other non-academic commitments, including outside employment and extra-curricular activities. RAs are expected to limit outside employment to no more 20 hours a week.
  • Staff Training and Development: Residential Assistants are mandated to attend all staff training and development activities as outlined in the RA position description. These training activities are mandatory and essential to your success within the position. Our two main training programs consist of the Resident Assistant Training, which happens during August, and RA Winter Training, which occurs in January. In both training programs staffs are scheduled from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. each day. These are extensive training sessions and RAs are informed that they are expected to suspend all activities during this timeframe to ensure they can participate fully. RAs that are unable to attend these training and development activities may be subject to disciplinary action, which may include termination from the position. 
  • Student Leadership Positions: Residential Assistants are encouraged to be active leaders within our campus community.  As a result we support RAs being engaged in extracurricular activities, such as being involved in a student organization, serving as a Red Key, Red Cap* competing as a student athlete, etc. RAs need to understand that the RA position takes priority above all forms of outside employment and extra-curricular involvement.

    In most cases, Residential Assistants are able to manage their position and their student leadership roles successfully. However in situations where this is not the case, the Residential Assistant will be expected to either decrease their level of involvement or step down from the Residential Assistant position. 

    Due to conflicting demands between the responsibilities of Residential Assistants and Red Caps, any applicant who accepts both a Residential Assistant and Red Cap position will be allowed to serve as a Red Cap for sessions 1 through 4 only. RAs that are hired as Red Caps will not be able to assist with orientation session 5 or Move-in Weekend. The Office of Orientation is in agreement and will excuse RAs who are hired as Red Caps from assisting with session 5 and Move-in Weekend. 

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