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Residential Life's Expectations of Residents

Living in a residential community provides each member with an opportunity to promote responsibility, cooperative decision-making, and independence. To promote these goals, we have developed the residential life expectations listed below.

We get what we give.

Respect property, beliefs, and other people as you would ask them to respect you, your beliefs, and your belongings. Being part of a community is accepting that there will be conflict and addressing it appropriately, as it arises.    

Assume the role of leader and follower.

Individual responsibility is a character attribute that speaks to one’s integrity. We are asking you to hold your own standards and embrace the standards of the University of Hartford. This is how we show members of our community that we are leaders. Part of the University of Hartford’s standard is a commitment to community. One way to show this to others is by holding each other accountable. It is a challenge to speak up. Be the positive influence you can be and the leader you are.

We are the only ones who can change our environment.

Residence life programs are established on various campuses across the nation to provide students with opportunities to grow individually and collectively. One major learning experience we expect you to have is being a self advocate. Learn to express your needs and challenges, not just for yourself, but also for those who do not have a voice. We encourage you to take action to better your environment. 

Ultimately, our hope and expectation are that residential students will develop a sense of ownership of and pride in their community.