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Our Community

One of the best aspects of being a residential student is the opportunity to live, learn, and grow in a community of peers. Successful community life involves talking with your roommates and neighbors about acceptable standards of behavior and living. It is our hope that you will share the values of the residential community and use them as tools to define the standards that are important to you:

  • Civility: respect, accountability, responsibility
  • Community Connectedness: Hawk Spirit, pride for residential living areas, involvement
  • Education: commitment to learn and share knowledge, academic success
  • Leadership: role modeling, empowerment, advocacy, integrity
  • Diversity: respect, celebration, and appreciation for differences
  • Personal Development: face new challenges, character development, community service

Community Standards

At the beginning of each semester, residential students will be expected to participate in a floor/suite/quad Community Standards Meeting, facilitated by a RA, to set an agreement  concerning how the floor/suite/quad community will relate to and treat each other. This document is a living document created through dialogue, compromise, and commitment, and may be edited, as needed, by the community.

An important aspect of community standards is discussing and deciding how to enforce the agreements. Community standards define mutual expectations for how the community will function on an interpersonal level, subject to applicable University policy as outlined in The Source.

Purpose for Developing Community Standards

Community Standards should positively affect the quality of the residential living and learning experiences in several ways:

  • Create an environment conducive to studying and learning.
  • Allieviate potential problems through interdependence and working together.
  • To learn how to compromise within a widely diverse population.
These standards serve as a catalyst for residents to share their visions and expectations for how they want to live. In turn, it builds a stronger community. Residence hall policies and procedures as outlined in The Source (University of Hartford Student Handbook) cannot be altered in the Community Standards Agreement. This agreement can be revised at any time if an assessment indicates it is necessary to do so.