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Parking Services - Appeal Information


Parking & Moving Violation Citation

Appeals Procedures:

For University Faculty / Staff

& Students

ALL Parking Citation Appeal requests are made through the University of Hartford's Self Service Center.

STUDENTS: To appeal a parking citation you must submit a parking appeal request to the Traffic Appeals Board, or the process team within 14 days of the issuance of the violation. Failure to do so within 14 days will result in the loss of the opportunity to appeal the citation, in which payment of the fines will be mandatory.

Appeals based on the following will NOT be accepted:

  • ignorance of the regulation
  • stated inability to find a legal parking space
  • operation of vehicle by another person
  • stated failure of parking enforcement agents to ticket previously for similar offences
  • inability to pay the fine
  • disagreement with or disregard for traffic and parking regulations


ARE ONLY APPEALABLE TO THE DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC SAFETY (I.e. speeding, disregarding a stop sign, failure to yield to pedestrians on the road, or using a cell phone while operating a vehicle without a hands free device)

Faculty, Staff & Students wishing to appeal a MOVING VIOLATION, click here to email Parking Services.

Other Fines & Fees generated by the Parking Services Division:

Other fees generated by the Department of Public Safety Parking Services Division may be posted to your Bursar Account for payment, or may be payable on demand at the Public Safety Headquarters located in the Public Safety & Operations complex across from Konover. Public Safety Dispatch is open 24 hours a day seven days a week and accepts paper checks and cash only.

Any unknown scofflaw vehicle on campus is subject to tow or being immobilized with a boot device forcing the owner/operator to identify themselves and pay the outstanding violations the vehicle has generated as well as the boot removal fee. The boot fee is payable in cash only and must be paid before the boot device is removed. If the vehicle belongs to a University Community Member then the vehicle will be assigned to their Bursars account. This will transfer all outstanding citations for that vehicle to that account for payment.  The person will also be required to purchase a parking permit* valid from the first date of citation issued to the vehicle. The parking permit fee and the outstanding parking citations may be paid through CashNet.

Non University Community Members will be required to pay all outstanding violations plus the boot fee in cash and the vehicle may be banned from all campus property or any properties controlled by the University from that point forward.
Ban-reinstatement fees will be posted to your Bursar account after you sign your reinstatement contract in the Parking Services offices.

The Emergency Tow Relocation fee is charged when pre-planned projects mandate removal of vehicles from a particular location at a particular time and the registered owner failed to follow the directions as communicated. All such communication will be made at least 48 hours in advance to all University Community members via email to your address. An example of a pre-planned project would include re-pavement of a parking lot, or snow removal.

The owner of any vehicle charged a relocation fee may also be cited with a parking violation related to the project such as obstructing snow removal. Any citation issued in conjunction with the tow fee maybe appealed as any parking citation, but the tow fee can only be appealed to the Director of Public Safety or his designee or Parking Services Staff.  These requests must be made in writing or via email to within 14 days of the issuance of the fee.

Emergency Tow Relocation may also occur related to a natural disaster, fire on campus, perceived threat or other instance when for the general safety of the University Community members as a whole it is necessary to relocate your vehicle out of the danger zone. Due to the risk involved to University staff and vendors relocation the vehicle the University reserves the right to change back to the owner operator the fee incurred by the University in moving your car from a dangerous situation.  Again this fee may be disputed in writing as above.


Log on to the University of Hartford's Self Service Center and then select Public Safety / Parking from the menu. Select outstanding citations from your parking menu. Any citations eligible for an appeal request will have a selection bullet to the left of the citation. Appeal request for ANY moving violations will be rejected. If you wish to request an in person hearing of your citation in front of the designated traffic appeals board please use the phrase “I request an in person appeal hearing” in the request box.


Parking Appeals Procedures

For Guests & Visitors:

Guests and Visitors who are not attending special events, entertainment and sporting events here at the University may appeal citations by US mail, in person at the Parking Services offices at Public Safety Monday through Friday 7 am to 3 pm or by using the on-line guest appeal request form.


Click HERE to access the appeals on-line form.


Public Safety is located in the Operations & Public Safety Complex across from Lincoln Theater and Konover Campus Center on the corner of Campus Road and Mark Train Drive.


If appealing by mail please include your name address and phone information along with the citation and your purpose on campus. Our mailing address is

Department of Public Safety - Parking Services Division | APPEALS

University of Hartford

200 Bloomfield Avenue

West Hartford, CT 06117