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Parking Services - Towing Information

Towing Information

The University of Hartford uses third party towing companies to service our towing needs. The current vendor is Cross Country Automotive. If your vehicle has been towed you are responsible for the towing and storage fees as well as any University fines for infractions that resulted in the tow. 

Vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense under following circumstances:

  1. When a vehicle is illegally parked, restricting traffic, parked against the flow of traffic, or  parked in such a manner to present a safety hazard
    1. When a vehicle is illegally parked in a Handicapped Zone or Fire Lane.

    2. Ban List / Trespass

    3. No Permit or Not Posted  -Procedure is to boot the vehicle, however, this is an option if the supervisor determines it is necessary.

    4. Improperly parked in a “reserved area”, visitor space or parked in a previously assigned spot

    5. Motor vehicle accident

    6. Parking on Sidewalks

    7. Blocking a dumpster

    8. Disabled vehicles left on University property without Public safety authorization

    9. Lawn or landscaped area

    10. Failure to comply with emergency directive or pre-communicated directive from Public Safety restricting or suspending parking. This includes snow removal, flooding, etc..

    11. Parking in other than assigned lot.

    12. Vehicles not registered with a department of motor vehicles or vehicles with an expired registration.

  2. If the towing vendor has hooked up the vehicle, the individual responsible for the vehicle will still be required to pay towing costs before being allowed to move the vehicle.  This vehicle will still receive a ticket for the violation.

Recovery of Towed Vehicles

  1. The owner/operator will be responsible to pick up their vehicle at the towing company, and is responsible for all towing and storage charges/fees directly to the to

What if my vehicle is towed?

First please call Public Safety at 860.768.7985 to confirm your vehicle was towed. If it was then you need to call Cross Country at 860.296.2826 for towing charge information. Cross Country is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cross Country takes CASH ONLY for all towing and storage charges. NO CHECK. DEBIT OR CREDIT CARDS. Cross Country is located at 585 Windsor Street Hartford CT 06120. Click below for the BEST directions to reach Cross Country. These directions will take you by highway to their offices. Other directions or online maps may take you over surface streets in Hartford. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU USE ANY OTHER ROUTE.

Directions to Cross Country