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Posting Vehicles

As of Jan 3 2013 the majority of temporary vehicle postings have migrated to the Self-Service portal.

Posting FAQ:

  • A bank of free postings is granted to each student for each semester.
  • This bank expires at the end of each semester and is not transferable.
  • Once posted a posting can not be reversed and credited to the bank.
  • This bank is shared for all your postings.
  • A posting is defined as any part of any 24 hour period.
  • Each posting over the free limit is charged at $5.00 per post and is payable at the time the posting is made on-line in CashNet.
  • A posting fee can be paid on-line to any valid CashNet accepted payment method as per current University policy subject to change. 
  • If the students Bursars charge account is in good standing, a posting fee may be charged to the account. Accounts on Bursar HOLDS can not be charged and must be paid for on-line.
  • Your guest may use their creditcard or bank account to pay for a posting.
  • Posting fees are non-refundable.

Posting Limits for the academic year:

  • Fall Semester students are granted a bank of 14 free posts then allowed 85 @$5.00 for a total semester limit of 99 posts.
  • Winterterm students are granted a bank of 5 free posts then allowed 5 @$5.00 for a total semester limit of 85 posts.
  • Spring Semester students are granted a bank of 14 free posts then allows for up to 85 @$5.00 for a total semester limit of 99 posts.
  • SummerTerm students are granted a bank of 10 free posts the 10 @$5.00 for a total semester limit of 99 posts.
  • Once your maximum posting limit is reached you must post guests in person at public safety and all fees will be posted to your Bursar charge if it is in good standing. If your account is on hold no postings will be allowed until you bring your account current.

Your posting options by type:

  • On-Line or at Public Safety any Resident can post a vehicle for their own personal use up to the maximum at which time the vehicle must have a valid parking permit.
  • A Resident can post visitor/guests on-line for up to three consecutive days. Guests will be issued a NB number that prints on the top of your paper permit. The next time that guest is posted if you enter that number your data will be retrieved speeding up the process. Think of it as a frequent flyer number.
  • Commuters can post a temporary vehicle for up to 99 posts after which a parking sticker is required.
  • Commuters can post themselves for late night lab stays as long as authorization is on file from the Dean of their program. Once their bank is used, these postings also cost $5.00 per post and once the maximum is reach must have permission from Parking Services to continue to post at fee.
  • Fac/Staff members may post temporary or other family vehicles to their accounts on-line in self-service.
  • All other types of postings as allowed such as disabled vehicles in Your Car On Campus must be done in person at Public Safety .

If you are ready to post your temporary vehicle, or a guest, or gain a late night lab stay posting, click here to enter the University Self-Service portal.

Once you are logged on click on Public Safety / Parking Services at the top of the menu and scroll down to the posting menu items at the bottom and follow the prompts.