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Observer, Winter 2005

Exploding MythsExploding Myths

Julie Wyman stands in the lobby of the film entrance to the Museum of Modern Art, laughing and joking with friends and onlookers while a photographer scuttles around her, shooting rapidly and ordering her to pose this way and that. Outside, an arctic blast screams through the canyons of New York City, and the blizzard of 2005 is about to hit the East Coast.

White Out - Racism in the
21st Century

Racism is at work in the United States every day, yet the majority of white people are oblivious to it, asserts Associate Professor of Sociology Ashley "Woody" Doane, co-editor of White Out: The Continuing Significance of Racism. White Out is a collection of original essays that examines how white racial identity is constructed and how whiteness contributes to the persistence of racial inequality.

Visiting Professor Calls U.S. Media Self-involved
and Shortsighted

In early 2005 the Bush administration formally announced that no evidence of a program to develop weapons of mass destruction (WMD) during the last years of Saddam Hussein's regime had been found. Since no "smoking gun" will ever be found as proof of a real Iraqi effort to develop WMD, the public is entitled to wonder whether the media blew smoke in its face about the causes of the war.

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