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Observer, Winter 2004

Hartford Hawks Chase BirdiesHartford Hawks Chase Birdies

How Buffie, Schizo, and Pooh Bear made it to the PGA Tour

In college they were known as Buffie, Schizo, and Pooh Bear. Not exactly Mo, Larry, and Curly, though the three certainly shared plenty of laughs, toasts, and impromptu shenanigans.

A Promise Deferred

When President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation on Jan. 1, 1863,
he was, in essence, issuing a promissory note on behalf of the United
States. Payment on this promissory note was largely deferred until the mid-20th century.

With a Little Help From Their Friends

An escalating battle between two unlikely adversaries—music lovers and the music recording industry—has become the focus of extensive media attention in recent months. At issue is Internet file sharing, and colleges and universities across the country are finding themselves caught in the middle of the controversy. Why? Because students are using campus technology to download and share their favorite songs in violation of copyright laws.

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