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Storm Advisory for Sunday, Jan. 20

A winter storm warning remains in effect for Hartford County until 7 p.m. today. Residential students are asked to postpone their return to campus to Monday afternoon or, for those whose class schedules allow, Tuesday. Students, please do not travel to and arrive on campus today.

Hartt Community Division activities today and this evening are canceled.



How are decisions to close or open late made?
The University receives customized, constantly updated storm updates from one of the nation’s leading private weather services, has access to reports on current and expected road conditions in the area, and analyzes its ability to maintain campus accessibility among the many factors considered by a team of University administrators before making an informed recommendation to the University president.

When are the decisions made?
If only the New England weather were an exact science! Weather in our area can change dramatically in a very short time and no two situations are exactly alike. This makes committing to a specific time frame problematic. However, we certainly recognize that people are anxious for a decision to be made and have varied commuting schedules. We make every effort to communicate decisions for all-day closings and delayed openings by 6 a.m. and early closings a minimum of two hours in advance. 

How do we learn if the University is closed?
Online:, look for alert on top of each page
Phone: 860.768.4100, message at beginning 
Text Alert: text on cell phone as registered in self-service center (
Email: notification sent to University email of all students, faculty, and staff
Social Media: Twitter (UofHartford) and Facebook (University of Hartford)

What about TV or radio?
Local radio and television stations provide limited information and do not offer the complete advisory available on the University's website and main telephone number. In addition, area radio stations now limit the amount of airtime devoted to announcing weather-related closings and may not read the complete list when you are listening. Please double check any announcements you do or do not see/hear by checking the University's website ( or by calling 860.768.4100.

What college department should I call to find out whether the University is closed or is going to close?
None. Students, faculty, staff, and the public should not call any college department or public safety to find out whether the college is closed or is going to close. They will not have any "inside scoop" to share. As soon as an official decision to close is made, it will be communicated within minutes via the website, main phone number, text message, and social media.

How do I get text alerts on my cell phone?
Faculty, staff, and students who have accurate cell phone numbers recorded in the Self-Service Center will receive emergency text alerts, including notice of weather-related closings, on their cell phones. Confirm your current number is registered and learn more at

Can I get the text alerts if I don't have a cell phone?
Independent of text alerts on cell phones, all currently registered students and active employees will automatically receive the same emergency notifications through their official University email.

What if it is snowing and I do not see a message on the Web?
An advisory will be issued when there is a closing or delayed opening. If you do not see an alert at or hear a message upon calling 860.768.4100, the University is operating on a normal schedule.

Do the magnet schools on campus follow the schedule of the University during severe weather?
No, the University decision is independent of the magnet schools, so be cautious if “University of Hartford” catches your attention during radio closing announcements as it may be referring to the magnet schools—another reason why radio is not a recommended source.

Do you know how inconvenient it is for those with children when the University is open and schools are closed?
We sure do. Many of those involved in the decision-making process either have young children now—or have in the past—and understand the challenges of balancing home and work responsibilities. We hope our decisions are timely enough to allow you to implement your winter weather arrangements.

Why can’t I arrive on campus before the announced opening time?
In addition to the safety risk to both you and our facilities staff, the presence of people and vehicles on campus greatly hinders our ability to effectively clear campus of snow and ice. The announced opening time is usually 30 minutes before the start of classes to allow for arrival.

Are my online courses affected by weather-related closings?
No. Online courses at the University are not affected by weather-related closings and meet at their scheduled times.

If classes begin at 10:30, do I have to show up then to my 9:30 a.m. lab?
It depends on the length of your lab. All classes or labs longer than 90 minutes in duration with a normal start time prior to 10:30 would meet beginning at 10:30 if 50 percent or more of the class or lab time remains. So, if the lab was scheduled 9:30-12, it would meet 10:30-12.  See full explanation of “What It All Means.” During exam periods, Winterterm, and Summerterm, the advisory will specifically detail exam and class times affected and the preceding may not apply.

What if another organization is holding an event at UHart and the campus is closed at the scheduled date and time?
If an event on campus run by another entity is canceled due to the University being closed, please contact the host group.

Who removes and treats snow and ice on campus?
Our dedicated Facilities staff works tirelessly during the winter to remove snow and apply ice treatment. If you notice an area on campus that is in particular need of attention, please let us know by calling 860.768.7925 or visiting