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University of Hartford and CCAT Collaborate to Provide Specialized Certification Courses for Regional Manufacturers

Posted 02/05/2013
Posted by David Isgur

The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT) and the University of Hartford's  College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA) are collaborating to create and provide a series of certification courses for regional manufacturing companies starting this spring. First in the certificate series will be “Transition to Titanium Machining,” which will be held at CCAT’s state-of-the-art Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC) in East Hartford.

CCAT’s AMC readily serves as a resource for technology development and houses three application laboratories: Machining (MAL), Laser (LAL), and Modeling & Simulation (M&SL). Training and custom work is performed on 3- and 5-axis mill and mill/turn machines in the MAL, industrial lasers in the LAL, and advanced modeling and simulation work is conducted using custom software applications and scanning/metrology equipment in the M&SL. To ensure that CCAT is the go-to resource and best practices partner for manufacturers, equipment in the AMC is frequently updated to offer customers the latest in high technology.

“Through the capabilities of the Advanced Manufacturing Center laboratories, we help companies generate topline growth and enhance their bottom-line savings,” CCAT President and Chief Executive Officer Elliot Ginsberg said. “Most importantly, the programs we offer through the AMC keep manufacturers competitive not only in Connecticut, but across the region and the nation to succeed in today’s global market.”

Future certificate courses will be held either at the AMC or on the University of Hartford campus in the Manufacturing Metrology Lab, which opened last August.

The lab, which is part of the Center for Manufacturing and Metrology that the University has established, addresses critical skill shortages and helps prepare students to assume leadership positions within a world-class manufacturing base, according to University of Hartford Professor Chittaranjan Sahay, Ph.D., PE, who serves as director of the Center for Manufacturing and Metrology and heads up the Manufacturing Metrology Lab.  “The Center extends the University’s capability of providing technical service and training to the manufacturing industry in coordinate-measuring machines, structured light scanning and scanning electron and optical microscopy, and surface profiling and machining,” Sahay said.

“Transition to Titanium Machining” is designed as a two-day course that will give participants hands-on experience cutting titanium; they will learn about tool-path variables and cutter selection compared to other materials. Titanium is recognized for its high strength-to-weight ratio.  The material is increasingly specified in many of the advanced products manufactured by Connecticut companies, but machining titanium requires precautions, as it can soften and weaken if sharp tools and proper cooling methods are not used.  The course is designed to help manufacturing employees work with the material and ensure quality output. Curriculum will cover theory, application and results, with demonstrations by CCAT and CETA experts.

In Connecticut, small- to mid-sized manufacturers looking to hone their competitive edge will strongly benefit from the new courses, according to CETA Dean Lou Manzione.  “These certifications will enable Connecticut’s manufacturing companies to extend their reach to the global supply chain,” he said. “This is an exciting partnership that enhances the relevance of University of Hartford’s curriculum for regional businesses.”

CCAT Director of Manufacturing and Supply Chain Initiative Robert Torrani added, “We are excited to collaborate with the University of Hartford and pleased to add our expertise to the courses CETA will offer. We look forward to seeing the certificate program grow to help Connecticut’s advanced manufacturing companies develop the skilled workforce that they need to thrive today and to prepare for the future.”

For more information, go to CCAT AMC and Center for Manufacturing and Metrology.