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Alumni Quotes & Program Reviews

We often find study abroad alumni are the best resources for students interested in going abroad because they can speak about the experience from the student perspective.  All study abroad alumni must write a program review following their experience and below you can see links to a few select reviews as well as the link to all of the University of Hartford reviews on StudyAbroad101.

An Experience of Wondrous Activities and Lifelong Friendships by Mitchell B., Psychology; studied abroad in Seoul, South Korea in Spring 2017

Enlightening by Michael M., Cinema & Entrepreneurship; studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic in Spring 2017

Best Semester Ever by Chris L., Criminal Justice; studied abroad in Tokyo, Japan in Fall 2016

Experience The Tibetan Diaspora and Himalayan Family Lifestyles: India/Nepal by Erin W., Biology; studied abroad in Kathmandu, Nepal in Spring 2016

A Semester in London: The European Adventure by Jerel G., Management; studied abroad in London, England in Spring 2016

C'etait tres bien! by Oliver T., Marketing; studied abroad in Paris, France in Spring 2016

Exploring the Unknown by Demi A., Elementary/Special Education; studied around the world with Semester at Sea in Spring 2016

My Experience was Absolutely Unforgettable! by Rianna T., Criminal Justice; studied abroad in Gold Coast, Australia in Spring 2016

Professional Training in Being a Foreign Correspondent by Rob D., Communications; studied abroad in Rabat, Morocco in Fall 2015

The Semester that Changed My Life by Tiffany Y., Cinema; studied abroad in Dunedin, New Zealand in Fall 2015

Worth Any Amount of Debt I Have Gained by Brandon B., Illustration; studied abroad in Cortona, Italy in Fall 2015. 

For more University of Hartford study abroad alumni program reviews, please visit StudyAbroad101.

Student Quotes:

Mitchell B., Psychology, Spring 2017 in Seoul, South Korea: "I learned about an Korea's amazing culture as well as other people's cultures due to the large portion of international students. I learned how to speak a bit in a new language which inspired to become determined in learning to speak new languages to be able to communicate with different types of people. I gained so many lifelong friendships from this trip. The Korean friends I met are the nicest and most loyal people. Every moment with them was fun and a learning experience. Korea is definitely worth it!"

Hannah C., English Literature, Spring 2017 in London, England: "I learned how to be entirely self sufficent--traveling alone, planning trips, getting to doctors, budgeting money, making friends, being okay with doing activities alone, etc. I definitely became more independent than i thought i could be."

Gabriella D., Management, Spring 2017 in Gold Coast, Australia: "From this experience I learned how to be a more confident person and to take more chances that were out of my comfort zone. I learned about different cultures and different people through all the traveling I did. I learned a lot about the education differences in Australia compared to the US. It was completely worthwhile. I think studying abroad helped me gain more confidence skills and really pushed me out of my comfort zone. It made me more aware of different cultures and also a new understanding for the states."

Reginald D., Accounting, Spring 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand: "I just gained so much knowledge about a totally different side of the world that I didn't know that existed. Made lifelong friends. This experience was very worthwhile.  I wish I could go back do it all again just for experience, so many memories were made here.  What I gained abroad can't be compared to anything I've ever gained in my life."

Tristan G., Communications, Spring 2017 in Cork, Ireland: "I learned a lot about myself. My weaknesses, my strengths. How I act on my own. How good I am at taking care of myself. Overall it was an incredible journey in self-improvement. The study abroad office at the University of Hartford is phenomenal. Ms. Murphy, my study abroad advisor, made every effort to create the perfect study abroad experience for me. She was very helpful and supportive when I explained that it was important to me to enroll directly with UCC as apposed to going abroad with a program. If I were to study abroad again I would differently want to enroll directly again. Figuring it out on my own was very rewarding."

Michael M., Cinema & Entrepreneurship, Spring 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic: "I cannot express how grateful I am to have met so many close and life long friends that I have on this trip as well as been given the chance to have uncountable amazing and enlightening experiences in Prague as well as other countries in Europe. It was something that I have never done before and which depended completely on me to take head on which was exactly what I needed in my life. I now am ready for whatever life brings at me. It was completely worthwhile.  I have grown as a person abroad in a way that could never have happened for me at UHart. At UHart, I just felt that life for me was kind of at a stand still and was getting a little monotonous in the US. I truly needed this experience to see what It's like in this amazing part of the world."

Elyse W., Elementary and Special Education, Spring 2017 in Madrid, Spain: "I really enjoyed learning the language from speaking with local students and others who live in Spain. My comprehension of Spanish definitely improved. I also was able to adopt a more laid back and outdoorsy lifestyle that I do not find myself experiencing in America. I made Spanish friends and a friend from Germany while abroad who I hope to see again some time. I realized my love for traveling and exploring and wish to return to continue. I definitely improved my sense of direction and ability to navigate in foreign places independently.  I liked how my sociology and communications courses gave a non-American perspective of the subject and focused on Spain and/or the rest of Europe. It was refreshing and improved my cultural awareness to not be so "Americanized" in school...I am behind a course in my major from going abroad but I do not regret my decision. I gained an experience I never would have had staying in Hartford."

Katey C., Civil Engineering, Fall 2016 in Cork, Ireland: “I gained a sense of independence, a stronger desire to travel, and a more worldly outlook on life. It was 100% worthwhile!  I wouldn't change anything about my study abroad experience. It truly was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I believe I made the most of it.”

Christopher D., Politics and Government/International Studies, Fall 2016 in Kathmandu, Nepal: "There is no comparison, I regret not studying abroad more than once."

Gregory E., Music History, Fall 2016 in Vienna, Austria: “It was worthwhile. As with any study abroad program, it taught me about a whole different view of life and culture. Gave me perspective. Compared to UHart - I don't think I could compare. It was a very similar yet very different environment.”

Sarah L., Insurance/Finance, Fall 2016 in London, England: “I learned how self-sufficient I am. How good I am at problem solving. I became more financially conscious and I have a better understanding of the importance of budgeting. I learned to not take life too seriously and I think all of these are so worthwhile. I think I can better assess what it is like being from the US. I also have made friends and professional connections that I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

Christopher L., Criminal Justice, Fall 2016 in Tokyo, Japan: “I learned that communication and languages are probably the most powerful things on this planet. If you are able to talk to people from all over the world, you have given yourself a huge edge in being one step closer to an enlightened understanding of the world. Learning this has definitely helped me figure out what I want to do and who I want to become…FRIENDS! Make friends and talk to them: if you're in a study abroad program, you're there to learn as much as local students are there to learn from you. Language exchange is a beautiful thing, and talking to people your age in the host language really forces you not only speak it, but you also learn a lot faster. Don't be shy.  I have gained valuable knowledge for my studies and career prospectives from UH, but being abroad has opened my eyes to a larger perspective of things rather than being cooped up in one corner of the world.”

Alexis W., Economics, Fall 2016 in Gold Coast, Australia: “I became a lot more independent and I learned how to organize time between going out with friends & studying for courses that were challenging. It definitely was a great experience because it also helped me to become more social and want to explore some more.”

Rianna T., Criminal Justice, Spring 2016 in Gold Coast Australia: "I gained the experience of living in a new country and culture, I learned to cook and be more independent, I became more appreciative of the people back home and realized how blessed I am to have had such I wonderful opportunity. I am going home with a hunger to see more of the world. Most importantly, this trip has helped me overcome some struggles in my life and I learned things about myself that I would not have learned if I didn't study abroad."

Liel A., International Studies & Economics, Spring 2016 in Jaipur, India: "I learned a lot about myself. Who I am. Who I want to be. Sometimes, you go long periods without experiencing any significant personal grow and sometimes it happens all at once. That was India for me."

Demi A., Elementary/Special Education, Spring 2016 Around the World with Semester at Sea: "My experience abroad was extremely worthwhile. While many people believe that they will find themselves, you learn that that is not true, however, you definitely notice little changes about yourself and what you find important or what you want to do in life. For example, while in these different countries, I made it a goal to visit as many schools or orphanages as I could. It made me realize how important it is to get an education and how problems vary from country to country. I learned how important working with children is for me, especially with children with special needs."

Katherine B., Insurance & Finance, Spring 2016 in Gold Coast, Australia: "I learned a lot of different cultures and being in another part of the world. While learning a lot about Australia and its people, it also gave me the chance to learn more about myself. I think this experience was possibly the best thing I've ever done in my life. I wouldn't be who I am today without it."

Jerel G., Management, Spring 2016 in London, England: "I learned that the world has many things to offer and see. I also learned that if you try to learn about another culture you can realize that other people are living out in the world in a different way than the U.S way, and that they are not disadvantaged by it. London is a large city especially compared to anything in Connecticut, so I was able to experience having almost anything I wanted a bus ride/tube ride away. The amount of freedom was very refreshing, and it was great to know that there was a new thing to see every week, if you seek it."

Oliver T., Marketing, Spring 2016 in Paris, France: "I gained a love for a new culture that I had never experienced before. I already loved the French food I had tried before, but I was able to try so much more, much of it home-cooked by my host mom. Living with a host family allowed me to experience the culture more than I otherwise would have. It was great to meet French and other international students, but I wish I had spent more time with them instead of other Americans. J'ai aussi appris le langue de française (I also learned the French language). That is one skill I hope to keep developing and practicing, and even go back to live in France someday."

Kennedy M., Illustration, Fall 2015 in Cortona, Italy: "What I gained abroad I could have never gained in a semester at UHart. I was able to see paintings and sculptures done by the old masters IN PERSON. There is nothing more valuable to an artist in training than that. Plus I was able to take TWO classes that my university does not offer. I learned how to paint in Egg Tempera, which in the art world is basically a lost art, there are few people left who know how to do it and even fewer who still teach it and I was able to learn this medium from one of the BEST. As for jewelry that class was amazing and the fact my home university doesn't offer it is an absolute shame because I learned so much from that class. Overall this experience could not have been compared to a semester at my home university."

Tessa W., Communications, Fall 2015 in London, England: "Studying abroad really opened my mind to the world and gave me a global perspective on everything. In general I feel like I grew so much during my time abroad through meeting new people and especially my internship. It taught me about the type of place I can see myself living in the future, and it taught me how valuable experiences can be. Back home where things often get sort of mundane, I forget to appreciate moments but here I literally took in every single moment to the fullest. Even though I was so incredibly busy all the time and hardly had down time, I felt so fulfilled and happy. It was the best 4 months of my life and I would recommend it to everyone!"

Nadia B., Vocal Performance, Fall 2015 in Milan, Italy: "It was so nice to take a step back and grow on my own, then get to come back and apply it to my life at Hartford. It's like graduating then getting a second chance to make the most of Hartford."

Taylor M., History, Fall 2015 in Brisbane, Australia: "I loved the experience of being tossed into a new environment and school and allowed to live like an adult and do what I want. The apartment was a great setup, my roommates were awesome, and the university was rigorous and challenging. I learned how mature I can be, reaffirmed my beliefs in certain aspects of myself and the world, changed my view of some other aspects of myself and the world, and made me a more confident, self-assured, and positive person. It's cliché but true, studying abroad changed my life for the better. 100% worthwhile. Cannot stress that enough."

Kate F., Prosthetics & Orthotics, Fall 2015 in Wellington, New Zealand: "Really, the question should be "what didn't I gain?" I truly learned how to live on my own- cooking, cleaning, classes, traveling, budgeting, international housemates. I learned how to budget my time most effectively and I feel more prepared for the "real" world after I graduate. I know how to build relationships with people from all over, despite cultural and regional differences. Even with other students from other parts of the United States, I learned there are differences to be appreciated. It was truly an experience I could not have gained at Hartford, although I love my home university. It is just something you cannot fully understand until you do it for yourself; it was one of the most worthwhile decisions I have ever made."

Jaime K., Health Science, Fall 2015 in Gold Coast, Australia: "Studying abroad helped me grow more independent and helped me become more culturally aware of the world around me. Being able to watch American news while in Australia and to hear Australians comments on major issues gave me a unique perspective on how other parts of the world view some of the major issues America faces. I also was able to learn a great deal about my host country through the class I took and learned about their health care system and the different health care issues they face as a country which I found extremely interesting."

Jasmine J., Communications, Fall 2015 in Gold Coast, Australia: "It is hard to sum up in words the experience that I had abroad. I have realized that there is a feeling of change, the knowledge of self-progress, and the urge to continue traveling within myself. Simply stated my experience abroad gave me the opportunity to learn more about myself, my capabilities, and how to trust my own decisions. Going abroad was worth it and I wish I could do it all over again with more time and more money!"

Tessa W., Communications, Fall 2015 in London, England: "The internship is something I will look back on for the rest of my life and having a recommendation from an employer abroad will really be valuable professionally. I also just loved the British workplace and my coworkers. I would definitely recommend doing an internship abroad."