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Summer 2012 Hawk Games Challenge

The Office of Human Resources Development (HRD) has teamed up with PureWellness to offer all faculty and staff (participants along with non-participants) the opportunity to join in the summer Hawk Games challenge.

Details about the Hawk Games Challenge are as follows: 

DATES: July 30, 2012 - August 27, 2012; Sign-ups for the Hawk Games Challenge will be July 23rd – July 27th with program start date of July 30, 2012.

1. Form teams of no more than 4 members, select a captain, and choose a team name.  Complete the registration materials which can be found at and return them to Kathe Snow in HRD at by July 22, 2012

CHALLENGE: Minutes of Physical Activity Challenge

1. GOAL: 30 minutes of physical activity, 5 days per week.  Each participant must track the minutes they work out daily.  Minutes can be cumulative over the course of the day.  (ex: 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the afternoon, and 10 minutes in the evening)   

2. Team Captains will report (weekly) the number of minutes each team member accumulates during that week.  The team captain will email Kathe Snow at every Monday morning with the minutes for each team member. 

CHALLENGE STRUCTURE: The Hawk Games Challenge will be team based and there will be a drawing at the end of the challenge.  We will use an average of minutes of all team members’ activity to determine team achievement status. 

TEAM PRIZES: Teams will compete to achieve GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE status.  If a team reaches gold status, they get entry into EACH drawing pool/level (Gold, Silver and Bronze).  At the end of the 4 week challenge, a team winner in each level will be drawn. While teams can be entered into each raffle, a team can only win one drawing.  Point requirement to reach each level:

  • GOLD - 3,600+ minutes of activity: entry into a raffle
  • SILVER - 2,700 minutes+: entry into a raffle
  • BRONZE - 1,800 minutes+: entry into a raffle

INDIVIDUAL PRIZES: Each week there will be a Challenge goal.  All individual participants who reach the weekly goal will be entered into a raffle drawing, which will be drawn at the end of the challenge.  Each week the weekly goal will progressively increase (week one goal is 150 minutes; week two is 175; week three is 200; week four is 225).

POSSIBLE PRIZES: Raffle prizes will be aligned with GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE status.  Possible prizes include: Bosu Ball, pedometer, water bottle, jump rope, free weights, (wellness/healthy) magazine subscription and many more.

WEEKLY FOCUS: To shake up your normal workout routines and keep everyone energized, each week there will be a fitness focus.  Individuals may participate in the focused activity as well as any type of physical activity of their choosing.  The goal remains the same each week regardless of the type of physical activity the individual or team participates in.  The weekly focus is simply a way to introduce and recommend a variety of activities to participants.

HIGHLIGHTED WEEKS: Include Cardiovascular Fitness, Strength Training, Flexibility, Individual Sport, Team Sport/Group Activities and Endurance.

Hawk Games Sign Up Sheet

Weekly Individual Tracking Sheet

Team Results