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Workers Compensation

Group Policy Number: UB 8379X731
Phone number: 1.877.828-4110
Travelers Website:
Worker's Compensation Commission: 860.566.4154

It is the policy of the University of Hartford to provide a healthful and safe work environment for all its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. This is accomplished through obtaining broad safety involvement and defining associated responsibilities. The goal is to minimize the number of accidents, injuries, and cases of occupational illness on the University's campus and properties. It is the responsibility of all employees to cooperate in this effort and to comply with the University's safety practices and rules.

Any faculty, staff, or student employee who sustains a work-related injury or illness is required by law to report the incident to his/her supervisor. In turn, the supervisor is accountable for reporting the circumstances surrounding the work-related injury/illness to Public Safety by calling ext. 7985 as well as alerting HRD by completing an accident investigation form immediately following the accident/incident. This form must be hand-carried or faxed to HRD (fax 4732) as soon as possible. HRD will then submit a first report of injury and coordinate claims processing with Travelers, the University's workers' compensation insurance carrier.

The University participates in the Connecticut Medical Managed Care Plan, with approved network providers available to treat work-related injuries/illnesses. Failure to use a network provider for a work-related injury/illness may result in denial of medical and/or lost wage benefits. To access Travelers on-line provider search go to The Travelers Provider Directory, choose the search type you would like (Quick Search, Name, Region, etc.), enter your criteria, then click "Find Providers."

The University's preferred providers for treatment of a work-related injury/illness are Concentra Medical Center and St. Francis Center for Occupational Health.

Concentra Medical Center is located in Windsor at 1080 Day Hill Road (860.298.8442) and in East Hartford at 701 Main Street (860.289.5561). Concentra also has locations in New Britain (860.827.0745); Torrington (860.482.4552); Wallingford (203.949.1534); Waterbury (203.759.1229); Springfield, Mass., (413.746.4006); Norwich, (860.859.5100); and Stratford (203.380.5945).

St. Francis Center for Occupational Health is located in Windsor at 100 Deerfield Road (860.714.9444) and also has locations in Hartford (860.714.4270), Bristol (860.589.0114), Manchester (860.647.4796); and Newington (860.667.4418).

When non-emergency medical treatment is necessary, please use either of the preferred providers. Both have fully qualified physicians and medical technicians as well as excellent diagnostic and rehabilitative facilities. If necessary, Concentra's Windsor and East Hartford offices provide non-emergency transportation Monday through Friday (hours vary by location) between the University and their facility. If you are in need of emergency medical assistance, please go to the nearest hospital for treatment.

Supervisors (or designees) must contact Concentra or St. Francis to pre-authorize their employee's visit.

After your initial treatment by a participating provider, you have the right to select your own provider for further treatment. However, if you obtain services from a provider who is not a member of the insurance carrier's network, this may suspend your right to receive worker's compensation insurance medical benefits, subject to the decision of a worker's compensation commissioner.

As an added convenience for our employees, the University of Hartford has a provider on campus, University Physical Therapy, LLC, that participates in the insurance network of physicians. This may be an option if your injury requires successive follow up therapy appointments. Please contact 860.768.5335 for further information.

Pharmacy Benefit

The Pharmacy Benefit Management Program offered by the insurance carrier helps employers control prescription costs while providing timely and efficient pharmaceutical services to injured workers. Pharmacies that are connected have 24-hour access to the insurance carrier's database of claimants; therefore, they are able to verify whether or not your claim has been filed.

If you have a work-related injury/illness that requires a prescription, inform the pharmacist that the prescription is for a work-related injury and supply your name and Social Security number. If the claim has been reported to the insurance carrier, the prescription will be filled at no cost

Mileage Reimbursement

The insurance carrier will reimburse you at the appropriate mileage reimbursement rate for any miles that are driven to and from physician appointments, physical therapy sessions or other necessary treatments, as approved by the insurance carriers. You are responsible for tracking and submitting for mileage reimbursement directly to your claim representative.

If your work-related illness/injury requires follow up treatment, the University of Hartford will continue to pay your salary for time taken, within reason, to drive to/from and attend the treatment session. The University encourages employees to schedule appointments that coincide with either the beginning or the end of their regularly scheduled work shift. This will ensure that salary is paid appropriately during treatment periods. Any time used in excess of what is deemed reasonable to drive to/from the appointments and attend the session must be taken as personal days time. HRD requires copies of all treatment notes for purposes of appropriate tracking and usage of time away from work.

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to your designated HR representative.

For the accident investigation form please visit the forms page.

This page is designed to summarize the University of Hartford's Worker's Compensation Insurance Policy. It is not intended to be all inclusive. Where there are differences between the provisions of this website and more specific statements contained in University files (such as plan documents), those statements shall control.