Music faculty at The Hartt School Community Division
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Storm Advisory for Sunday, Jan. 20

A winter storm warning remains in effect for Hartford County until 7 p.m. today. Residential students are asked to postpone their return to campus to Monday afternoon or, for those whose class schedules allow, Tuesday. Students, please do not travel to and arrive on campus today.

Hartt Community Division activities today and this evening are canceled.

HCD Closed 1.20.19

Today is Sunday, January 20. Due to inclement weather, all Hartt Community Division activities and performances have been canceled.

Music Faculty

Our distinctive faculty are our best asset. We embrace and promote their high level of training, knowledge, and professionalism.

Early-childhood Programs

First Steps in Music

John Feierabend, Artistic Director

Connie Greenwood, Lead Teacher

Rachel Menhart

Suzuki Early Childhood Education

Reagan BraschSuzuki Violin and Viola, and Early Childhood Education Coordinator

Alexandra Hadden

David Madsen

Donna Ngai


Adult Chamber Choir

Jennifer Fijal, Celesti Sondato

Capitol Symphonic Winds

Dan D'Addio, Conductor

Chamber music

Cathryn Cummings, Winds and Brass Coordinator

Melinda Daetsch, Strings Coordinator

Jaroslaw Lis, Coach

Malgosia Lis, Piano Coordinator

Connecticut Children's Chorus

Vanessa Bond, Prelude Choir

Karla McClain, Canticum Choir

Meredith Neumann, Director, CT Children's Chorus, Concert Choir, Women's Choir

Gabriel Löfvall, Men's Choir

Mark Singleton, Primi Voci

Jenna Valliere, Concert Choir Assistant


Daniel D'Addio, Connecticut Youth Symphony

Emmett Drake, Suzuki Orchestras

David Kramer, Sinfonia and Stringendo String Orchestra

Paul Pierce, Virtuosi String Orchestra

Wind ensembles

Glen Adsit, Greater Hartford Youth Wind Ensemble (GHYWE)

Alan Francis, Philharmonia and Harmony Winds

Private Lessons

Adaptive Music Lessons

Heather J. Wagner, Adaptive Music Lessons


Susan Powell, Suzuki and Traditional Bass


Blake Brasch, Suzuki Cello

Pablo Issa, Suzuki and Traditional Cello

Laura KaneTraditional Cello

Katie Kennedy, Suzuki Cello

Susan Robison, Traditional Cello

Harmon Steiner, Suzuki Cello

Mihai TetelTraditional Cello

Composition and theory

Folk Traditions

Esther Cao, Chinese Music Tradition



Barbara Hopkins, Suzuki and Traditional Flute

Greig Shearer, Suzuki and Traditional Flute

Guitar and Banjo

David Madsen, Suzuki Guitar

Jim RickeviciusSuzuki Guitar

Joseph Van Doran, Traditional Guitar


Cathryn Cummings

Barbara Hill, Winds, Brass, Percussion, Dept. Head

Jamie Marci

Piano, Organ, and Harpsichord

Tamila AzadaliyevaSuzuki and Traditional Piano

Gregory Babal, Traditional Piano

Edward BolkovacTraditional Piano

Sima Brodsky, Traditional Piano

Zhong Chen, Traditional Piano

Susan Cheng, Suzuki and Traditional Piano

Barbara Johnson, Suzuki and Traditional Piano

Anchie DonnTraditional Piano

Margreet Francis, Traditional Piano, Piano Dept. Head

Anna GrudskayaSuzuki and Traditional Piano

Roberta DeLemos Miranda Jordao, Piano

Bella Keyzner, Traditional Piano

Sooran Lee, Traditional Piano

Malgosia Lis, Suzuki Piano, Suzuki Piano Coordinator

Kamilla Mammedova, Traditional Piano

Ezequiel Menéndez, Organ

Nina Miller, Suzuki and Traditional Piano

Ariel Nathanson, Traditional Piano

Victor NigriSuzuki and Traditional Piano

Liz Seidel, Traditional Piano

Pi-Hsun Shih, Traditional Piano

Dina Simanovich, Traditional Piano

Arthur Villar, Suzuki and Traditional Piano

David Westfall, Traditional Piano

Ruriko Wheeler, Traditional Piano


Reagan BraschSuzuki Violin and Viola, and Early Childhood Education Coordinator

Nicholas Citro, Traditional Violin and Viola

Melinda DaetschSuzuki and Traditional Violin and Viola; Chamber Music Coordinator

Lee Hadden, Suzuki Violin & Viola

Steve Larson,Traditional Viola

Gabriel Remillard, Suzuki and Traditional Viola

Sarah Washburn, Traditional Violin and Viola, Traditional String Dept. Head

Michael Wheeler, Traditional Viola and Violin


Reagan BraschSuzuki Violin and Viola, and Early Childhood Education Coordinator

Nicholas Citro, Traditional Violin and Viola

Natalie Coots, Suzuki Violin

Melinda DaetschSuzuki and Traditional Volin and Viola; Chamber Music Coordinator

Teri Einfeldt, Suzuki Violin, Suzuki Program Dept. Head

Liz Fay, Suzuki Violin

Christie Felsing, Suzuki Violin

Eugenio Figueroa, Suzuki Violin

Alexandra Hadden, Suzuki Violin

Lee Hadden, Suzuki Violin & Viola

Samantha Hiller Drake, Suzuki Violin

Janet Jacobson, Traditional Violin

Donna Ngai, Suzuki Violin

Emlyn Ngai, Traditional Violin

Mickey Reisman, Traditional Violin

Katalin Viszmeg, Traditional Violin

Sarah Warren, Traditional Violin

Sarah Washburn, Traditional Violin and Viola, Traditional String Dept. Head

Michael Wheeler, Traditional Viola and Violin

Gail Yaffe, Suzuki Reading Specialist

Other Faculty

Collaborative Pianists

Martha (Mattie) Banshaf, Music

Rebecca Batista de Almieda, Music

Gaylein Chun, Music

Blake Hansen, Music

Sam Horan, Dance

Mi-Young Kim, Music

Cathy Lord, Music and Dance

Barbara Robbins, Music

Stephen Scarlato, Music

Ruth Sovronsky, Music

Marko Stuparevic, Music

Yoshino Toi, Music

Elisabeth Tomczyk, Music

Frank Viola, Music

Timothy Wallace, Dance