Faculty Bios
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All Faculty

Hartt's faculty perform, teach, and present all over the country and around the world. They are renowned performers, exceptional scholars, dedicated teachers, and generous mentors who inspire their students to achieve at the highest levels.


James Jackson IIISenior Artist Teacher of Euphoniumjajackson@hartford.edu
David WakefieldSenior Artist Teacher of French Hornwakefield@hartford.edu
Susan SpauldingArtist Teacher of French Hornsspauldin@hartford.edu
Haim AvitsurAssociate Professor of Tromboneavitsur@hartford.edu
Phil SnedecorAssociate Professor of Trumpetsnedecor@hartford.edu
Scott MendokerSenior Artist Teacher of Tubamendoker@hartford.edu


Robert CarlProgram Chair of Composition, Professor of Composition and Theorycarl@hartford.edu
David MacbrideProfessor of Composition and Music Theorymacbride@hartford.edu
Larry Alan SmithProfessor of Composition, Curator of Garmany Chamber Music Serieslarsmith@hartford.edu
Ken SteenProfessor of Composition and Theory, Co- Division Director, Academic and Contemporary Studiessteen@hartford.edu


Glen AdsitProfessor, Director of Bandsadsit@hartford.edu
Ed BolkovacPrimrose Fuller Professor of Choral Musicbolkovac@hartford.edu
Edward CummingAssociate Professor, Primrose Fuller Professor of Orchestral Activitiesecumming@hartford.edu
James Jackson IIISenior Artist Teacher, Conductor of Symphony Bandjajackson@hartford.edu
Doris Lang KosloffAssociate in Voice (Division Director, Vocal Studies)kosloff@hartford.edu
Gary L. PartridgeSenior Artist Teacher, Conductor of Capitol Winds 


Debra Collins-RyderArtist Teacherryder@hartford.edu
Betsy CooperProfessor; Dean of The Hartt Schoolelcooper@hartford.edu
Lief EllisArtist Teacher; Manager, Performing Arts Technologyrellis@hartford.edu
Katrina HawleyArtist Teacherkatrinahawley@yahoo.com
Amy ManfrediArtist Teacher; Dance Division Administratoramanfredi@hartford.edu
Elizabeth McMillanArtist Teachermcmillan@hartford.edu
Tim MeladyArtist Teachermelady@hartford.edu
Hilda MoralesAssistant Professor of Dancehmorales@hartford.edu 
Fritha PengellyArtist Teacher 
Ralph PerkinsAssistant Professor of Dance & Music Theatrerperkins@hartford.edu 
Miki OriharaSenior Artist Teachermiki3lotus@gmail.com
Stephen PierProfessor of Dance; Division Director Dancepier@hartford.edu
Ann QuinnArtist Teacherquinn@hartford.edu
Leana ReismanArtist Teacherleanapiano@aol.com 
Larry RoweArtist Teacherlrowe@hartford.edu 
Dan L. SasArtist Teachersas@hartford.edu
Katie Stevinson-NolletProfessor of Dancestevinson@hartford.edu
Nina WattAssociate Professor of Dancenwatt@hartford.edu
Bonita WeismanArtist Teacherweismanb@comcast.net

Guitar & Harp

Christopher LaddAssociate in Music and Guitar, Program Chair of Guitar and Harpladd@hartford.edu
Richard ProvostProfessor Emeritus of Guitarrprovost@hartford.edu
Susan Knapp ThomasArtist Teacher of Harpsuthomas@hartford.edu

Jackie McLean Institute of Jazz

Abraham BurtonSenior Artist Teacher of Jazz Saxophoneaburton@hartford.edu
Christopher CaseySenior Artist Teacher, Director of Big Bandcasey@hartford.edu
Steve DavisAssociate in Music of Jazz Trombonestedavis@hartford.edu
Matt DeChamplainArtist Teacher of Select Topics in JazzDechampl@hartford.edu
Rick GermansonSenior Artist Teacher of Jazz Pianogermanson@hartford.edu
Rich GoldsteinSenior Artist Teacher of Jazz Guitarrgoldstei@hartford.edu
Freddie HendrixSenior Artist Teacher Jazz Trumpetfhendrix@hartford.edu
Javon JacksonProfessor of Jazz Saxophone, Division Director of the Jackie McLean Institute of Jazzjavjackso@hartford.edu
John MastroianniSenior Artist Teachermastroian@hartford.edu
René McLeanPrincipal Artist Teacher of Jazz Saxophonermclean@hartford.edu
Eric McPhersonSenior Artist Teacher of Jazz Percussionemcpherso@hartford.edu
Shawnn MonteiroSenior Artist Teacher of Jazz Voicemonteiroh@hartford.edu
Nat ReevesAssociate in Music of Jazz Double Bassreeves@hartford.edu
Jason TiemannSenior Artist Teachertiemann@hartford.edu
Peter WoodardAssociate Professor of Jazz Piano and Piano Pedagogypwoodard@hartford.edu


Gregory BabalAssistant Professor, Pianobabal@hartford.edu
Luiz de Moura CastroProfessor of Pianodemouracastro@comcast.net
Edward ClarkArtist Teacher of Harpsichord 
Margreet Pfeifer FrancisAssistant Professor of Piano; Program Chair; Hartt Community Divisionmaggie88@aol.com
Barbara JohnsonArtist Teacher of Pianochristodo@hartford.edu
Phillip KawinArtist Teacher of Piano 
Paul RutmanProfessor of Pianolucienr11516@yahoo.com
David WestfallDirector, Instrumental Studies Division; Associate Professor of Pianowestfall@hartford.edu 

Music Education

Vanessa L. BondAssistant Professor of Music Educationvbond@hartford.edu
Julie HagenAssistant Professor of Choral Music Education 
Dee HansenProfessor of Music Education; Director of Graduate Studiesdehansen@hartford.edu
Warren HastonAssociate Professor of Music Educationhaston@hartford.edu
Joshua RussellAssociate Professor of Music Education, Division Director of Music Educationjorussell@hartford.edu

Music History

Ira BrausAssociate Professor of Music Historybraus@hartford.edu
Karen CookAssistant Professor of Music Historykacook@hartford.edu
Kenneth NottProfessor of Music History (Program Chair)nott@hartford.edu
Thomas SchuttenhelmArtist Teacherschuttenh@hartford.edu

Music & Performing Arts Management

Mehmet DedeAssistant Professor of Music and Performing Arts Managementdede@hartford.edu
Lief EllisArtist Teacher; Manager, Performing Arts Technologyrellis@hartford.edu
Gabe HermanArtist Teacher; Assistant Director, Music Production and Technology (Interim Program Chair, Music and Performing Arts Management)gherman@hartford.edu

Music Production & Technology

Jim ChapdelaineArtist Teachermusicprod@hartford.edu
Justin KurtzAssociate Professor of Music Production & Technologyjkurtz@hartford.edu
Gabe HermanArtist Teacher; Assistant Director, Music Production and Technology (Interim Chair, Music and Performing Arts Management)gherman@hartford.edu
Matt BaltruckiArtist Teacher and Recording Studio Coordinatormusicprod@hartford.edu

Music Theory

David MacbrideProfessor of Composition and Music Theorymacbride@hartford.edu
Donna MenhartAssociate Professor of Ear Training, Director of Undergraduate Studiesmenhart@hartford.edu
Patrick MillerAssociate Professor, Program Chair of Music Theory and Co- Division Director, Academic and Contemporary Studiespmiller@hartford.edu
Akane Mori Associate Professor of Music Theorymori@hartford.edu
Benjamin RauchArtist Teacher in Music Theoryrauch@hartford.edu
Michael SchianoAssociate Professor of Music Theoryschiano@hartford.edu
Kathryn SwansonArtist Teacher of Ear Trainingkswanson@hartford.edu
Gabor ViraghAssociate Professor of Music Theorygviragh@hartford.edu
Katalin ViraghArtist Teacher of Music Theoryviragh@hartford.edu


Benjamin TothProfessor of Percussionbtoth@hartford.edu
John AmiraSenior Artist Teacher of Percussion 
Rogerio BoccatoSenior Artist Teacher of Percussionrb@rogerioboccato.com
Joe GaleotaSenior Artist Teacher of Percussion 
Ted PiltzeckerSenior Artist Teacher of Percussionted@tedvibes.com
Shane ShanahanSenior Artist Teacher of Percussion 


Robert BlackProfessor of Double Bassrobert@robertblack.org
Melinda DaetschMusic Skills Specialist of Violambd716@aol.com
Terry KingSenior Artist Teacher of CelloTkingcello@me.com
Katie LansdalePrincipal Artist Teacher of Violinktlansdale@gmail.com
Steve LarsonSenior Artist Teacher of Violaslarson@hartford.edu
Anton MillerProfessor of Violinamillervln@aol.com
Emlyn NgaiArtist Teacher of Violin and Early Music emlyn.ngai@att.net
Rita PorfirisAssociate Professor of Violarita@ritaporfiris.com
Mickey ReismanMusic Skills Specialist of ViolinM0417R@aol.com
Mihai TetelAssociate Professor of Cellotetel@hartford.edu


Teri EinfeldtMusic Skills Specialist of Suzuki Violineinfeldt@hartford.edu


Robert Barefield Associate Professor of Voicebarefield@hartford.edu
Ed BolkovacPrimrose Fuller Professor of Choral Musicbolkovac@hartford.edu
Cherie CaludaAssociate Professor of Voicecaluda@hartford.edu
Claude CorbeilSenior Artist Teachercorbeil@hartford.edu
Michelle FiertekArtist Teacherfiertek@hartford.edu
Kelly HorstedArtist Teacherhorsted@hartford.edu
Sondra KellyArtist Teachersokelly@hartford.edu
Doris Lang KosloffAssociate in Voice (Division Director, Vocal Studies)kosloff@hartford.edu
Joanna LevyAssociate Professor of Voicefrugola@aol.com
Maureen O’FlynnPrinciple Artist Teacheroflynn@hartford.edu
Benjamin RauchArtist Teacher in Voice (Choirs)rauch@hartford.edu
Wayne RiveraAssociate in Voicewrivera@hartford.edu
Kyle SwannArtist Teacherkswann@hartford.edu
Eric TrudelArtist Teachertrudel@hartford.edu


Janet ArmsSenior Artist Teacher of Flutejanarms@aol.com
Curt BloodSenior Artist Teacher of Clarinetcurtblood@att.net
Yousun ChungSenior Artist Teacher of Oboeyscele@gmail.com
Marc GoldbergSenior Artist Teacher of Bassoonmarcsoon@aol.com
Charles HuangArtist Teacher of Oboechhuang@hartford.edu
Carrie KoffmanAssistant Professor of Saxophonekoffman@hartford.edu
Ayako OshimaAssistant Professor of Clarinetayaneidich@aol.com
Greig ShearerMusic Skills Specialist of Flutegshearer@hartford.edu


Annmarie DavisArtist Teacheradavis@hartford.edu
Robert DavisProfessor of Theatrerdavis@hartford.edu
Robert FelsteinSenior Artist Teacherrfelstein@aol.com
Kristin HuffmanArtist Teacher 
Tracey MarbleArtist Teacher 
Debbie MarkowitzProduction Stage Managermarkowitz@hartford.edu
Diana Moller-MarinoAssociate Professor of TheatreMoller@hartford.edu
Tracey MooreAssociate Professor of Theatretrmoore@hartford.edu
Johanna MorrisonSenior Artist Teacherjmorrison@hartford.edu
Carolyn PaulusSenior Artist TeacherPaulus@hartford.edu
Ralph PerkinsAssistant Professor of Dance & Music Theatrerperkins@hartford.edu
John PikeArtist Teacherjohnpike1@gmail.com
Mark PlannerSenior Artist TeacherMarkpvoice@aol.com
Larry RaikenArtist Teacherlraiken@nyc.rr.com
Janelle RobinsonTeaching Artist, Vocalsjrobinson@hartford.edu
Alan RustDivision Director, Theatre, Professor of Theatrerust@hartford.edu
David WatsonAssociate Professor of Theatredawatson@hartford.edu
Joni WeisfeldArtist Teacherweisfeld@hartford.edu
Mark WomackArtist Teacher