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Graduate programs

Graduate programs

The Low-Residency Master of Fine Art programs are designed specifically to meet the needs of practicing artists seeking the terminal degree in their discipline while maintaining active, full-time professional careers. They are independent, tutorial-based programs requiring two-and-one-third years to complete. Students are expected to be in residence at the University for a two-week, intensive summer sessions, and at off-campus residencies in selected cities during both the fall and spring semesters. Off-campus host cities are chosen carefully for their proximity to both major art markets and practicing professionals. During the non-resident portions of the program, students maintain ongoing contact with the program director, thesis advisor and faculty through an online platform. The low-residency structure of the program provides nontraditional, working students with the opportunity to complete a professional, terminal degree while simultaneously continuing to meet employment and family obligations.

Master of Fine Arts in Illustration

Master of Fine Arts in Photography

Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Art