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Health Services

Health ServicesOur campus facility provides various health-care services to University students including acute care, women's health clinic, laboratory testing, allergy clinic, medication, and immunizations.

In order to register for classes, all part-time and full-time graduate students must submit an immunization form, which includes a recent tuberculosis screening. For detailed information, contact Health Services at 860.768.6601 or visit their website.
Full-time graduate students may utilize health services on a fee-for-service basis. 

  • Students living in the University's graduate housing pay a health and counseling fee that entitles them to health and counseling services at the campus clinic.
  • Nonresident graduate students who wish to use the campus clinic or counseling services may purchase health and counseling services by submitting the required forms and paying the fee through the Student Administrative Services Center; the contact number is 860.768.4999.

For clinical care, please call Health Services in advance to make an appointment. Please note that doors lock 15 minutes prior to closing. Health Services is closed for all University breaks, including winter, spring, and summer.

Health Services

Location: The Sports Center, ground floor

see website

Telephone: 860.768.6601
Fax: 860.768.5140

Health Insurance Options

Domestic Students
  1. Coverage under a parent's employer insurance plan: For those under age 26, you may qualify to enroll as a dependent on the health insurance held by a parent. Please contact the employer for further details.

  2. Individual coverage through your state insurance marketplace: Coverage is available for  individual enrollment through the insurance marketplace in the state in which you are a permanent resident. Visit and complete the questionnaire to view plans that you may qualify for. Depending on your household income, you may also qualify for a subsidy for coverage purchased through your state marketplace.

  3. Individual health insurance plans available on the open market (outside of the official state marketplace).

As you consider your options, please keep in mind the following:

  • PREMIUM: While many plans offer "cheaper" premiums, look at the deductibles,      copays, and coinsurance as lower premiums frequently result in higher out-of-pocket costs and limited networks. Before making your decision, consider your entire potential out-of-pocket cost to determine the best value for your individual needs.
  • NETWORK: Does the network for the Plan extend to the region of the University of      Hartford's campus you attend? Are the doctors you already see considered in-network? If you are an out-of-state student, pay special  attention to networks that offer limited HMO networks as these will likely not cover you in Connecticut.
  • DEDUCTIBLE (the amount you must pay before insurance coverage begins): Is this an amount you are prepared to pay before coverage can be accessed?
  • COINSURANCE (the amount insurance pays after the deductible is met): Be aware of this  coverage as you are responsible for the amount after coinsurance is applied. For example, if your plan has 70% coinsurance, you would be responsible for the remaining 30% of charges for services received.
  • COPAYS: What is your copay for a doctor's office visit? Specialist visit? ER Visit?      Prescription Drugs?
  • EXCLUSIONS & LIMITATIONS: Be sure to review the exclusions and limitations of a plan you are considering to be aware of potential additional out of pocket      expenses.
International Students

Find information about international student health insurance coverage