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Village Tips & Tricks

Village Apartments can consist of one, two, or three bedrooms, designed to house two, four, five, or six students. Each apartment is semi-furnished and has a living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and one or two bathrooms. Bedroom furniture consists of a bed, desk, desk chair, and dresser and living room furniture consists of a dining table set for four. Students are expected to provide their own choice of additional living room furniture and lighting for the living room and bedrooms.

  • Is your toilet overflowing?

To prevent excessive flooding, turn off the water supply by turning the valve located near the floor on the left side of the toilet clockwise (pictured below), and then call Facilities (or Public Safety if Facilities is closed).

Village Water

  • Did your power go out?
  1. Unplug everything in the room.
  2. Circuit breaker panels are usually located in the kitchen area or in the kitchen closet.
  3. Circuit breaker panels are labeled to show which switch affects each room within the apartment (pictured below).
  4. Locate the appropriate switch, turn it all the way to the off position, then all the way to the on position. **Only try resetting the breaker once!** If the breaker immediately re-trips without anything plugged in, call Facilities (or Public Safety if Facilities is closed).
  5. Plug items back in one by one. If the breaker re-trips when an item is plugged in, start over with step 1, and leave that item unplugged.

Village Breakers

  • Is there no power to the outlets in your kitchen or bathroom?

If there is no power to these outlets, try pressing the 'Reset' button in the middle of the outlet to see if power is restored. These outlets make vary in appearance, but they all have a 'Reset' and 'Test' button in between the plug sockets (see example below).


  • Is there no power to the outlets in your living room or bedrooms?

Some of the outlets in the living room and bedrooms of Village Apartments are powered by the light switch in that room. If you plug something in and it doesn't work, try flipping the light switch before calling Facilities.

  • Is your shade not rolling up like it should?

To increase tension in a shade, take the shade off from the left bracket and twist the rectangular edge (pictured below) until desired tension is met. (Note: if tension releases, then repeat, but not as much.)


  • Does it seem like your heat isn't working?

Before calling Facilities (or Public Safety if Facilities is closed), make sure a lamp hasn't been placed next to the thermostat and that there's nothing covering the thermostat, as those will cause a false temperature reading in the thermostat and prevent the heat from turning on. Also, while this may seem like common sense, make sure all windows are closed tightly and latched!