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ENHP Welcomes 2015 New Faculty

Kori Stewart and Duffy Felmlee

New faculty members tell us why they chose the College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions.

Kori Stewart, clinical assistant professor of radiography:

“Excellence through relevance” is both apparent and infectious throughout the College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions.

The College is distinct in many areas, and stands out most in its approach to interdisciplinary, real-world learning environments. ENHP health science students are given many opportunities that set them apart from other higher education settings, especially in hands-on learning, research, and faculty mentoring.

The University of Hartford has a well-regarded baccalaureate radiologic technology program across the radiography community and one of only two in the state of Connecticut!

My passion for learning and higher education is endless and I feel very strongly about sharing that by helping to educate future radiographers. The level of education that students receive in the University's bachelor's program in radiologic technology far exceeds that of the associate-level degree and prepares students for very successful careers in radiography.

Working alongside so many distinguished faculty is both an honor and a privilege and continues to drive my passion for excellence in teaching and lifelong love of learning.

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The commitment that ENHP has shown toward students' career preparedness had a great impact on my choice to work at the University of Hartford. My involvement with the University's master's program in prosthetics and orthotics as an adjunct faculty and clinical site facilitator over the past four years has allowed me to work with students in traditional classrooms and clinical environments. Through these experiences, it was clear to me that ENHP students are well prepared to begin their clinical residencies. Furthermore, the research collaborations that are achieved throughout the college are also quite exciting. Connecting and coordinating with like-minded experts near and abroad through ENHP's networks allow for improved outcomes that benefit students, faculty, and the local and global communities. The support and resources from ENHP regarding the training of future leaders, practitioners, and researchers in orthotics and prosthetics are what brought me on board as full-time faculty member.

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