Maria Tackett, Accomplished Nurse, EdD '10, Joins ENHP’s Board of Visitors
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Maria Tackett, Accomplished Nurse, EdD '10, Joins ENHP’s Board of Visitors

Maria TackettBorn in Hartford, Tackett attended public schools in the city.  She graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Nursing. She earned a MS in Education from Central Connecticut State University and a MS in Nursing Administration from the University of Connecticut. Tackett completed her EdD in Educational Leadership in the College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions at the University of Hartford.  Her dissertation was entitled Social Justice: Faculty Reports of Student Clinical Incompetence from the Ethic of Justice and the Ethic of Care. She holds certifications in Critical Care and Emergency Nursing and is an instructor for the Emergency Nurses Association Trauma Core Course.

For the past eleven years, Maria Tackett has been a nursing director at Hartford Hospital in the Neuro-Trauma and Orthopedic Services.  Her responsibilities include leadership, clinical nursing standards, and patient outcomes as well as strategic planning for nursing services.  She is co-chair of the Critical Care Committee, chair of the Nurse Manager-Nurse Director Development forum, a member of the Ethics Committee, the Organ Donation Advisory Committee, and the Disaster Management Group.

Maria served in the 405th Combat Support Hospital, US Army Reserves, for 20 years.  In 2007-2008, she was deployed to Al Anbar Province in Iraq where she was in charge of the emergency room for the 325th Combat Support Hospital (CSH).  Upon returning from the deployment, she served as the Chief Nurse of the 405th CSH.  Her military responsibilities included developing trauma standards for the emergency treatment area, providing leadership for field training exercises and mass casualty incidents.  She graduated from the Command and General Staff program and retired in 2010 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

She has held teaching positions at St. Joseph College and Southern Connecticut State University. Her clinical experience included roles as a staff nurse in ICUs and emergency departments in area hospitals.