New Faculty
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New Faculty

Three new 2013-2014 faculty members tell us why they have chosen to become a part of The College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions.

Leonard HerouxLeonard Heroux - Many may wax philosophical when taxed with the daunting task of “why am I here?” I know why I am here but I am still searching for the definitive answer to “am I where I need to be?” I believe the definitive answer is; “yes.” I have, since the beginning, been a person that knew where he would spend his professional life; in pursuit of clinical excellence. That being said, I have endeavored to improve the human condition through commitment to the care and rehabilitation of the sick and injured. From a very young age, through experience and self-involvement I have pursued that end. I have been a staff therapist, supervisor, educator, and manager. During this professional sojourn I have never lost sight of academic achievement as it is integral to the success of any health care professional and the expansion and growth of the profession. So after many years of involvement, "where would I have the greatest impact?" I have found that the greatest impact that I could render to the profession would be to elevate to excellence future generations of health care professionals. How more directly can I influence this process than by becoming responsible in part for the program that I believe is paramount to the respiratory care profession? I have been a part of the University family for 28 years as a lecturer and adjunct faculty educator. I have been actively involved in the program with a concentration in the acute care setting but now my entire focus will be the care and nurturing of the program at the grass roots level. My new role has me invigorated which will only fuel a long burning desire for excellence. I bring to the table a vast array of experiential skills in clinical care, information technology, and didactic and clinical education. I look forward to the University dynamic and to becoming a valued asset in a diverse and educational institution.

Zahra LadhaniZahra Ladhani - For me the answer to “Why ENHP?” is simple. First of all, the college’s philosophy of “excellence through relevance” is something that I personally value. I believe that the true purpose of education can only be achieved when it is grounded in local context, is based on ethical premise and has practical implications - which I saw and felt at ENHP. I am particularly impressed by the number of community partnership programs which demonstrate the commitment to serve, enhance the University's strategic position and advance the overall mission of higher education that has potential to make the world a better place. Secondly, I found the faculty and staff a team of such fine individuals who go out of their way to support others, which I experienced first- hand during the entire process of my appointment at ENHP. Such encouraging and supportive environment is vital to nurture the development of an individual as well as the community. Therefore, I feel privileged to be part of ENHP.

Teresa TwomeyTeresa Twomey - The nursing program in the College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions embodies the essence of adult learning.  Students, who are also practicing nurses, are encouraged to bring their life experiences (both professional and personal) into their learning. They are empowered to take responsibility for their learning and be active participants in the learning process. The philosophy of education espoused and practiced by the nursing faculty mirrors my own. It utilizes effective strategies and methods that motivate students and enhance their learning; particularly adult learners. The faculty also recognize that collaboration among the students, faculty, and the community is vitally important in the nursing program since inter-collaboration is a key component of the nursing profession.