ENHP Dean Ralph O. Mueller Publishes Second Edition of Book
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ENHP Dean Ralph O. Mueller Publishes Second Edition of Book

Book Cover - Structural Equation ModelingENHP Dean Ralph O. Mueller and long time colleague, Gregory R. Hancock, professor at the University of Maryland, recently collaborated to complete the second edition of their book Structural Equation Modeling: A Second Course. The book is sponsored by the American Educational Research Association's Special Interest Group for Educational Statisticians.

Detailed information at
Information Age Publishing

According to the publisher, "This volume is the second edition of Hancock and Mueller’s highly-successful 2006 volume, with all of the original chapters updated as well as four new chapters. The second edition, like the first, is intended to serve as a didactically-oriented resource for graduate students and research professionals, covering a broad range of advanced topics often not discussed in introductory courses on structural equation modeling (SEM). Such topics are important in furthering the understanding of foundations and assumptions underlying SEM as well as in exploring SEM, as a potential tool to address new types of research questions that might not have arisen during a first course. Chapters focus on the clear explanation and application of topics, rather than on analytical derivations, and contain materials from popular SEM software."