Favolise Receives 2013 University Award for Sustained Excellence in Teaching
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Favolise Receives 2013 University Award for Sustained Excellence in Teaching

November 20, 2013

Latasha Raineault and Michele FavoliseRight: Latasha Raineault reunites with faculty member Michele Favolise at PT reunion.

Below:  Excerpt from award nomination letter written by Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy, Janet Gangaway describing her colleague Michele Favolise.

Michele Favolise began as an adjunct faculty member for the physical therapy program in 2001 and became part time faculty in 2008. She has taught the Pathophysiology I and II courses since the beginning of the DPT curriculum, a foundational course critical for student’s knowledge in differential diagnosis.  Through guest lectures, case studies, and even stuffed “germs” Michele is able to impart a great deal of information to our students in an interactive manner.

Dr. Favolise has also taken responsibility for DPT 530 Clinical Observation and DPT 625 Integrated Clinical Experience I with the new DPT curriculum. These were new courses designed to get our students into the clinic in advance of their full time clinical experiences so that they would be better prepared and therefore better clinicians and give a great reflection on the quality of our physical therapy program.  Her excellent organizational skills as well as her ability to foster positive relationships with local clinics gives the students a complex arrangement of clinical experiences covering a variety of clinic types and patient exposures. She also works closely with the Academic Coordinators of Clinical Education and was instrumental in developing a relationship with Select PT to create a “return to the clinic” program where a percentage of our students return to the same location as their Integrated Clinical Experience I site for the full time clinical experience. This allows the students to be already familiar with their clinical instructor and clinic policies so that they can progress with their patient care skills more rapidly. She is working with me on a project to objectify the positive benefits of this program.

In DPT 613/614 Diagnosis/Intervention in Acute Care lecture and lab, Dr. Favolise brings extensive clinical experience and excels at tying the didactic information to clinical practice.  Her high standards ensure that students will be prepared for the acute care environment or the treatment of any patient with cardiovascular issues. She will be primarily responsible for the set-up of a “simulation lab” here on campus to further student’s clinical skills and mimicking the clinical environment as much as possible. This also will ensure our students are better prepared for clinical practice.

Dr. Favolise’s passion, excitement, and knowledge about patient care is easily apparent to other faculty and students. Her innovative and creative teaching methods and organization are vital in the preparation of our students for full time clinical experiences and their future role as a physical therapist.  Her contributions are invaluable to our program, department, and college.

2013 Part-time Faculty Awards

Pictured above at the Part-time Faculty Award Ceremony: (L-R) President Walter Harrison; Sustained Excellence in Teaching Award winner Elizabeth-Leigh Bradley; Frederick Sweitzer, Associate Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies; award winner Lief Ellis; Provost Sharon L. Vasquez; award winner Debra Collins Ryder; and award winner Michele Favolise. Not pictured are award winners Sharron Dillon and Johanna Morrison.