Why ENHP? What Attracts a New Faculty Member to our College?
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Why ENHP? What Attracts a New Faculty Member to our College?

Six new 2012-2013 faculty members were asked to respond to that question as they begin their first semester teaching in the College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions.

Renee Greenfield

Renee Greenfield (Education) The faculty and staff within the College of Education, Nursing, and Health Professions at the University of Hartford impressed me – they are committed to their teaching, but also to their research and service. ENHP’s partnership with the Hartford Public Schools allows faculty to collaborate with schools, conduct research, and guide the next generation of teachers. This is an excellent example of both ENHP's

Kim Groot

Kim Groot (Nursing) ENHP's nursing program has an excellent reputation in the state and beyond. I can speak to its value from personal experience. The dynamic nursing program prepared me to embrace opportunities to grow personally and professionally throughout my career in nursing. There is a commitment in ENHP to the principle that active involvement is essential to effective learning in the science and art of nursing. Completing my undergraduate and graduate studies in the College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions, I was encouraged and taught to be a student of the community.  Now I am fortunate to advise and teach nurses in a collaborative environment in which professional experience is valued.

David Knapp

David Knapp (Prosthetics and Orthotics) I have been teaching in the Prosthetic and Orthotics program for the past 13 years and was delighted to find our new home here in ENHP.  The vision to achieve excellence through relevance hit home with me immediately since my goal is to help build a program that not only prepares students to be leading clinicians and researchers in the O&P field, but also allows them to interact with the local community to immediately deploy the services and technologies that are learned in the classroom.  Uniting around this common vision creates a collaborative spirit that benefits students, faculty, and patients alike.  My department has been enormously supportive and has already created space to provide patient care right here on campus.  I am happy to be at ENHP and believe that the resources and support here provide a great opportunity to  contribute to progress in rehabilitative science.

Kenny Nienhusser

Kenny Nienhusser (Educational Leadership) ENHP offers a rich offering of degrees in various disciplines and throughout the educational continuum—bachelors, masters, and doctoral. The College emphasizes the importance of integrating research and practice in addressing important areas of inquiry that impact our worlds. Of particular interest is ENHP’s emphasis on devoting itself to the success of educational systems and its youth in Hartford and beyond. Further, ENHP permits the crosspollination of ideas from a multifaceted and comprehensive perspective from early childhood through higher education and the importance of health in the development of youth and adults in our societies. Lastly, the relatively small size of ENHP permits the development of relationships to be formed among faculty to view these real world problems from a comprehensive viewpoint.

Sandra Saavedra

Sandra Saavedra (Rehabilitation Sciences) My research agenda focuses on an overlooked population (children with moderate-to-severe motor impairment) and requires innovation and collaboration with orthotists and engineers.   It became apparent during conversations with Adam Goodworth (assistant professor) and during my on-site interview that the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at University of Hartford offers a rare opportunity to work in a small, innovative, highly collaborative environment with engineers, prosthetists/orthotists and physical therapists. This environment is ideally suited for my future translational research for children with moderate-to-severe disability.

Michael Wininger

Michael Wininger (Prosthetics and Orthotics) I became a student in Biomedical Engineering because of my interest in prosthetic technology. But there were very few programs available to get a graduate education in prosthetics. I was made aware of the P&O Program at University of Hartford shortly after its incorporation in 2010, and wrote an email to Dr. Kevin Ball (Director of the BSPO/MSPO Program in the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, ENHP). Kevin and Dr. Adam Goodworth (ENHP faculty) encouraged me to visit and tour their labs. I was very impressed with both their mature research programs, and clear dedication to teaching P&O to the next generation of field professionals. When a faculty slot opened up in the P&O program, I knew I would have great colleagues, great mentors, and great students to work with. There are still only a very few programs in prosthetics; I am lucky to now be faculty in one.