DPT Group Research Projects
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DPT Group Research Projects

The research component of the curriculum in the doctoral program in physical therapy is comprised of 4 courses culminating in the completion of a group research project or scholarly project.  Faculty participate in the work of each group as mentors.  Current projects are listed below along with a picture of the students involved.

"Muscle Strength Asymmetries in Individuals with or without Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis"

Students (pictured) Miguel Mayorga, Megan Lucia, Sara Ricker, Allison Kutch

Faculty: Paula Webster, PT, Yvette Blanchard, ScD

DPT Research Project

"Body Weight Supported Treadmill Training: A PICO Project"

Students (pictured) Michael Kuo, Orianna Parunak, Janell Mancini, Jay Waller

Faculty: Diana Veneri, PT, EdD, NCS, RYT

DPT Research Project

"Meanings of Happiness and Success in the 21st Century for Adults with Cerebral Palsy and its Implications for Health Professionals: "

Students (pictured) Amy Fanning, Megha Patel, Kristyn Waterbury, Karleigh Carroccia,

Faculty: Mary Gannotti, PT, PhD, Yvette Blanchard, ScD, PT, Lisa Blumberg, JD, Diana LaRocco, EdD

DPT Research Project

"Inter and Intra Rater Reliability of Critical Body Landmarks and Comparison of Seated Body Angles Using Rysis and Optotrak systems"

Students (pictured) Angela Shivazad, Leeanne Bengtson, Alicia Lalla, Kelly Morin-Irwin

Faculty: Barbara Crane, PT, PhD

DPT Research Project

"The Effect of Ultrasound and Stretching of the Shoulder Posterior Capsule and the Impact on Shoulder Range of Motion"

Students (pictured) Michele Auerbacher, Samantha Krupa, Jessica Roy, Dorota Sadej-Gora

Faculty: Paul Higgins DPT,ATC,CSCS

DPT Research Project

"Understanding the Kinetic Chain"

Students (pictured) Tony Aniello, Jessica Joly, Victoria Hehre, Amanda Tucek, Emily Rinaldo, Dan Pagan

Faculty: Kevin Ball, PhD and John Leard, PT, ATCS, EdD 

DPT Research Project