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Greenfield Mentors Teacher Candidates - Read Aloud Intervention Study

Under the faculty advisory of Assistant Professor Renee Greenfield and lead student researcher Gabriela Ortiz, a group of Integrated Elementary/Special Education majors are collaboratively conducting the Kindergarten Read Aloud Intervention (KRAI). The students are pictured below -  back row: Meagan Syta and Kathleen Cicchese; front row: Lauren Fleischer, Shana Sliver, Elizabeth Guay, Gabriela Ortiz , and Amanda Devane.

KRAI Student Researchers

The research is taking place at the University of Hartford Magnet School on campus and the Carroll School in Lincoln, Mass. School children with and without disabilities are participating.

The goal of the KRAI study is to improve kindergartners’ and beginning readers’ vocabulary and narrative development. The student researchers prepared the intervention materials and will execute multiple assessments before, during, and at the conclusion of the intervention.

The researchers began training in August 2013 and will conduct assessments throughout the fall semester. Future work includes examining pre- and post-intervention data and sharing these data with collaborating teachers. Final results will be available in the spring of 2014.

Right top: Assistant Professor Greenfield confers with lead student researcher, Gabriela Ortiz.  Right bottom: Student researchers in training.

Assistant Professor Renee Greenfield and lead student researcher Gabriela Ortiz

Researchers in Training

The KRAI study is funded by the College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions (ENHP) Institute for Translational Research Seed Grant (AY13-14) and the Student Government Association’s Academic Research Grant (AY13-14). Rooted in translational research, this study bridges elementary classroom literacy instruction and university-based research. Results from this study will help inform future vocabulary and narrative development instruction for teachers and ENHP teacher candidates. Additionally, this study provides rich and meaningful experiences for the student researchers, including opportunities to receive mentoring from a faculty member in a research setting.