University of Hartford Magnet School
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University of Hartford Magnet School

University of Hartford Magnet SchoolThe University of Hartford Magnet School (UHMS) is a pre-kindergarten to grade 5 elementary school that opened its doors in fall 2001 after many years in the planning stages. University administration and faculty played a significant role in the design and development of the curriculum; particularly members of the College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions. UHMS employs Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences which proposes that there are many kinds of intelligence that are important aspects of human capabilities. Therefore, in addition to linguistic and logical/mathematical intelligence, teaching also focuses on visual/spatial, bodily/kinesthetic, musical, naturalist, interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences.

Student TeacherUHMS provides multiple opportunities for teachers at the school, faculty at the University, and candidates in ENHP’s teacher preparation program to work and learn together to inform practice. Since the chartering of the Institute for Translational Research (ITR) in 2010, ENHP-UHMS initiatives reflect the mission of the Insitute's Center for Learning and Professional Education to partner with local education and health care organizations to identify and help answer important questions on teaching and learning and jointly develop strategies that lead to beneficial outcomes.

  • Partnership renewed – The decade long partnership was reinvigorated in the spring of 2010 through the formation of a Community of Practice consisting of faculties from UHSSE and the University. One of the first outcomes of this Community was the creation of a collaborative resource file of faculty who were willing to provide professional development in their areas of expertise.
  • On Site, Teacher Presentations – Evening graduate students in early childhood and elementary education spent five consecutive classes at UHMS in their introductory course. Teachers facilitated topic-specific presentations and discussions in their classrooms. Initial student and teacher feedback was positive. The practice will continue and continue to be evaluated.
  • Experiential Learning and Research – UHMS teachers and school administrators provide expertise in building the capacity of our candidates in teacher preparation through field experiences, tutoring, observations, practicum, and student teaching. ENHP faculty are working closely with teachers at UHMS to provide learning experiences, conduct specific research to inform practice, and support the continuing dialogue that reflects the nature of translational research.