Partnering with Public Magnet Schools on Campus
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Partnering with Public Magnet Schools on Campus

Suzanne D'Annolfo

"We are fortunate to have two public magnet schools located on our campus, facilitating collaboration among all members of the school partnership – college and school students, teachers and professors - and expanding learning opportunities for our education majors." - Assistant Professor Suzanne D’Annolfo

Professional and mentoring relationships forming between and among faculty and students lay the groundwork for evaluating and improving our teacher preparation models, student learning, and faculty development through collaborative research. Future conversations and research that informs teaching and learning in an immediate and relevant way will be fostered through the Center for Learning and Professional Education.

The University of Hartford Magnet School (UHMS)

UHMS is a pre-kindergarten to grade 5 elementary school that opened its doors in fall 2001. It employs Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences which proposes that there are many kinds of intelligence that are important aspects of human capabilities. Therefore, in addition to linguistic and logical/mathematical intelligence, teaching also focuses on visual/spatial, bodily/kinesthetic, musical, naturalist, interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences.

The University High School of Science and Engineering (UHSSE)

Assistant Professor John Leard and physical therapy students describe careers in rehab sciences at career fair for UHSSE students.

After several years in a temporary location, UHSSE opened a new, state of the art building on the University of Hartford Campus in fall 2009. The school maintains a rigorous, interdisciplinary curriculum with a strong foundation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

UHSSE is also an early college model that is focused on getting students integrated into the college experience through courses and other opportunities in order to expose them to higher education options. Personal growth, integrity, team building and community service prepare students to become strong contributing members of both the local community and the global technology society. The school prepares graduates to pursue further education and careers in a range of scientific, engineering, and technology fields.

University of Hartford Magnet School (UHMS) provides multiple opportunities for teachers at UHMS, faculty at the University, and candidates in ENHP’s teacher preparation program to work and learn together to inform practice.

  • Partnership renewed – The decade long partnership was reinvigorated in the spring of 2010 through the formation of a Community of Practice consisting of faculties from UHSSE and the University. One of the first outcomes of this Community was the creation of a collaborative resource file of faculty who were willing to provide professional development in their areas of expertise.
  • On Site, Teacher Presentations – Evening graduate students in early childhood and elementary education spent five consecutive classes at UHMS in their introductory course. Teachers facilitated topic-specific presentations and discussions in their classrooms. Initial student and teacher feedback was positive. The practice will continue and continue to be evaluated.
  • Experiential Learning and Research – UHMS teachers and school administrators provide expertise in building the capacity of our candidates in teacher preparation through field experiences, tutoring, observations, practicum, and student teaching. ENHP faculty are working closely with teachers at UHMS to provide learning experiences, conduct specific research to inform practice, and support the continuing dialogue that reflects the nature of translational research.

University High School for Science and Engineering (UHSSE) involvement continues to be multi-dimensional. Recent activities include:

  • Recognition of the Partnership – The partnership was recognized by the Woodrow Wilson National Foundation Early College Convening in November, 2010 in Philadelphia when faculty presented “Weaving the UHSSE Partnership into the Fabric of the University of Hartford.” The presenters themselves exemplified the collaborative relationship between UHSSE and the University. Faculty and administrators from both institutions took part: Suzi D’Annolfo, ENHP coordinator of school partnerships, Elizabeth Colli, principal of UHSSE, Donn Weinholtz, chair of the Department of Educational Leadership and grant facilitator with UHSSE, and Jim Compton, associate principal of UHSSE.
  • UHSSE Early Introduction to Campus – Summer orientation for freshmen entering UHSSE included time on campus in workshops in the Department of Physical Therapy's human performance lab.
  • Community of Practice – The first planned meeting of the UHSSE teachers and administrators and University faculty occurred this past fall. President Harrison and deans representing six colleges provided an historical update of work in the partnership and full support for future collaboration. The two faculties met by content areas and discussed current and future collaborative work with UHSSE and University students with an eye toward framing research within ENHP’s Institute for Translational Research.
  • Library Usage – Protocol for the use of the University library and its resources by faculty and students at UHSSE is in place.
  • ENHP Seminar Series – UHSSE students, grades 9-12, come to campus for workshops and seminars in the areas of respiratory therapy, radiology, physical therapy, nursing, and policy related to health issues. Often University students present alongside their faculty. The series is designed to provide an introduction to the wide range of professions in the health sciences. The seminar series has now become a fixed part of the partnership.
  • Career Pathway to Health Sciences – This initiative allows high school students to move into regular courses on the University campus and receive college credit. Courses are co-taught by UHSSE and University faculty and are held at both sites.
  • Secondary Education Majors Immersed in UHSSE – Through weekly learning experiences at UHSSE, University students in secondary education have become part of the UHSSE community and developed relationships with UHSSE faculty that inform their preparation as teachers.