Global Classroom
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Global Classroom

ENHP students and faculty members have immersed themselves in learning, teaching, and research around the world, bridging the gap between scholarship and community needs. 


Students and faculty members from our master's program in nursing are traveling to Iceland for nine days in June 2016 to study the unique aspects of Iceland’s healthcare system, including the country's culture, diversity, and gender and minority health issues. Iceland has one of the highest functioning healthcare systems in the world! Associate Professor of Nursing Karen Breda is leading the trip. Learn more


Students and faculty from our physical therapy and prosthetics and orthotics programs provided rehabilitation to amputees in Peru.

In February 2015, graduate students in ENHP's prosthetics and orthotics and physical therapy programs joined a 17-person interdisciplinary team of health care providers in Lima, Peru to provide free care to over 100 amputees. In one week, they replaced prosthetic limbs or provided brand-new ones to Peruvian residents.

Organized by Dreaming and Working Together, the team included Missy Reilly and Graham Rech (master’s program in prosthetics and orthotics), Bobby Giuliani and Alexis Hutchings (doctoral program in physical therapy), University of Hartford alumni Steve Charry ’13 and Tabor Hammond ’13, and Paul Armstrong, adjunct faculty member in prosthetics and orthotics. Read more and view photos


In June 2015, faculty from the College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions (ENHP) and Arts and Sciences led a nine-day study in Italy for 30 undergraduate and graduate students from the University’s nursing program. Students discovered medieval Bassano del Grappa, Venice, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, and Rome while studying art, aesthetics, health care, globalization, culture and diversity. Their class, Globalization and Health (NUR 563), involved several days of intensive evening classes in preparation for the travel to Italy.

The class was led by Associate Professor Karen Breda (ENHP) and Professor Maria Esposito Frank (Arts and Sciences).  Read more and watch video of participating students reflecting on their experience in Italy.

Costa Rica

In January 2016, eight undergraduates and two professors from ENHP's Department of Education spent two weeks in Costa Rica studying methods for teaching science and social studies. Associate Professor of Education John Tapper led the trip with Assistant Professor Kenny Nienhusser. The course meshed daily adventures (snorkeling, boating, hiking, zip lining) with classroom learning and teaching elementary students in Costa Rica International Academy. Read more and view photos


In November 2014, Associate Professor Karen Breda traveled with 19 graduate students in nursing to Brazil to expose the students to health care and educational systems at major university centers. The students also partnered with graduate students in Brazil who have similar clinical or research interests, providing opportunities to learn from Brazilian colleagues and build joint initiatives intended to benefit both U.S. and Brazilian participants. Read more and view photos


Teacher Training in Rwanda

Led by Joe Olzacki, ENHP faculty and area educators have engaged Rwandan teachers in a strong program of training courses and events designed to broaden their knowledge and skills. The teachers, in turn, share their learning with their colleagues as leaders within the Rwandan schools. The University team is conducting month-long trainings bi-annually in Rwanda with the goal of educating a large percentage of Rwandan teachers over the next 10 years. Read more

Uganda and Kenya

For the past three years, physical therapy graduate students have been developing concise and clear educational posters and brochures for patients from different cultural backgrounds, many of whom are illiterate.

In a truly cross-disciplinary project, the University’s physical therapy, art school students, and faculty designed vinyl posters, take-home brochures, and a clinician’s manual that will be used worldwide to teach patients how to exercise, climb stairs, use crutches, and generally move safely with their new prosthetic leg. The material also informs people how to care for their amputated limbs and when to go to a health clinic. The posters and brochures will be translated into Spanish, Hindu, Chinese, Arabic, and Swahili. Students and professors brought the materials to clinics in Peru, Uganda, and Kenya in 2014, where they tested the materials on patients.


In January 2015, Associate Professor Diana Veneri and two third-year students in the University's doctoral program in physical therapy traveled to Guadalajara, Mexico to conduct a two-day prosthetic rehabilitation training session for physicians, physical therapists, prosthetists, and physical therapy students. The training included residual limb care, positioning, exercise, and mobility skills. Because most Mexicans with amputations do not receive a prosthesis, prosthetic rehabilitation is not part of the medical training curriculum.

The trip was organized in collaboration with LIMBS International and Manos Hermanas, two humanitarian organizations committed to restoring mobility to persons with amputation by providing prosthetic devices. Read more and view photos


In 2013 and 2014, University of Hartford early childhood program graduates engaged in one-year teaching appointments at the Oriental Dragon International Preschool and Kindergarten school as English-speaking classroom teachers. The Oriental Dragon International Preschool and Kindergarten was founded by Dr. Shu, a faculty member at Minzu University and former visiting scholar at the University of Hartford. In 2014, Chu Lin, Dr. Shu's doctoral candidate, came to the University of Hartford as a visiting scholar sponsored by Paige M. Bray, now Director of Early Childhood Education Programs. Dr. Shu is guest lecturing in undergraduate and graduate early childhood courses while in Hartford.