ENHP Celebratory Poem
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ENHP Celebratory Poem

Kathleen Hayden

Kathleen Hayden (above) is the executive assistant to ENHP Dean Ralph Mueller and poet laureate of the College.

What more can be said?
It represents the best efforts
Of all who’ve been led.

The students and faculty
Presenting this day,
Have “bested their best”
In so many ways!

"excellence through relevance”
Certainly takes center stage,
A theme we support
And by which we are gauged.

Success can be measured
In a myriad of ways,
Much more than can be seen
In one single day.

The ideas exchanged
And the research discussed,
Opens doors of possibility
For each one of us.

Prepare to enjoy
The success of our College,
The hard work and efforts,
We all do acknowledge.