Program Learning Outcomes
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Program Learning Outcomes

Physical Therapy Program (DPT)

Graduate 1.1 Students will successfully graduate from the program with skills to practice in an evidenced-based manner.

Graduate 1.2 Graduates will successfully pass the National Physical Therapy Licensure Exam.

Graduate 1.3 Graduates will practice in a manner consistent with established legal standards, professional behavior, and ethical guidelines.

Graduate 2.1 Graduates will obtain desired employment in physical therapy within six months of licensure.

Graduate 2.2 Graduates will adapt delivery of physical therapy services using current knowledge and clinical judgment with consideration for patients' difference, values, preferences, and needs.

Graduate 2.3 Graduates will establish a physical therapy plan of care that is safe, efficient, patient-centered, and evidence-based.

Graduate 3.1 Graduates will complete and effectively present a research project.

Graduate 3.2 Graduates will collect and analyze data from selected outcome measures in a manner that supports accurate analysis of individual patient and group outcomes.

Graduate 3.3 Graduates will perform a physical therapy patient examination using evidence-based tests and measures.