Learning Outcomes
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Learning Outcomes

Program Mission

The Radiologic Technology program of the University of Hartford strives to foster an environment of didactic and clinical excellence in the preparation of competent, entry-level radiographers.

Program Goals

1. Students will demonstrate the clinical competence of entry-level radiologic technologists.

2. Students will employ effective communication skills.

3. Students will develop and employ critical thinking skills.

4. Students will demonstrate a commitment to professional growth and development.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome 1

1.1. Students will demonstrate competence in routine radiographic procedures.

1.2. Students will practice radiation protection.

Learning Outcome 2

2.1. Students will employ effective oral communication skills.

2.2. Students will employ effective written communication skills.

Learning Outcome 3

3.1. Students will sufficiently adapt technical factors based on the clinical situation.

3.2. Students will demonstrate the ability to respond to a critical situation.

Learning Outcome 4

4.1. Students will demonstrate professionalism during their clinical experience.

4.2. Students will integrate a commitment to lifelong learning into their professional practice of radiologic technology.

Assessment of Program Effectiveness

1. Students will pass the ARRT examination in Radiography on the first attempt.

2. Students will be gainfully employed as radiologic technologists with the first six months following graduation.

3. Students will successfully complete the program.

4. Students will be satisfied with their education.

5. Employers will be satisfied with the performance of our graduates.


See Radiologic Technology Program Effectiveness Data.

The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology provides effectiveness data for all accredited radiography programs.