ENHP's Full-Time Faculty
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ENHP's Full-Time Faculty

Our nationally and internationally-known faculty members are equally engaged in the classroom, in contemporary and translational scholarship, and in our constituent communities. All are guided by a commitment to diversity of thought and the interdependence of teaching, research, and service – each necessitating and informing the other. To learn more about faculty accomplishments, please peruse faculty books, faculty articles, and other faculty accolades. To contact full-time members of ENHP’s faculty, see the department-specific lists below.

Department of Education

Abodeeb-Gentile, Theresa860.768.5534H 216Associate Professor of Education
Bray, Paige860.768.4553H 232Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education; Associate Dean for Research and Community
Case, Karen860.768.4369A 233CAssociate Professor of Administration and Supervision
Clark, Margaret860.768.5576H 226Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education
Hart, Sarah860.768.4695H 212Visiting Instructor of Special Education
Loya, Karla I.860.768.5807A 223EAssistant Professor to Educational Leadership
Nienhusser, Kenny860.768.4411A 223DAssistant Professor of Educational Leadership
Oliver, Peter860.768.5005H 424Associate Professor of Education, Psychology, and Human Development
Roberts, Alyce860.768.5356H 230Visiting Assistant Professor of Education
Sennett, Beth Ann Loveland860.768.5570H 214Visiting Assistant Professor of Education
Sood, Sheetal860.768.4359H 222Associate Professor of Special Education; Chair, Department of Education
Tapper, John860.768.4216H 224Associate Professor of Elementary Education
Weinholtz, Donn860.768.4186A 223GProfessor of Education Leadership
Zawilinski, Lisa860.768.5718H 228Assistant Professor of Elementary Education
H = Hillyer Hall A= Auerbach Hall

Department of Health Sciences and Nursing

Breda, Karen860.768.4477A 228AAssociate Professor of Nursing
DeMaio, Daniel860.768.5752D 433Assistant Professor of Radiologic Technology; Chair, Department of Health Sciences and Nursing
Dix, Douglas860.768.4261D 441Professor of Biology and Medical Technology
Duhamel, Karen860.768.4214A228Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
Griffiths, Karen860.768.4823D 433Clinical Assistant Professor of Respiratory Care
Groot, Kim860.768.5408A 228BAssistant Professor of Nursing
Heroux, Leonard860.768.5499D 331Assistant Professor of Health Sciences
Muñoz, Colleen860.768.4368D 429 EAssistant Professor of Health Sciences
Oakes, Claudia860.768.5746D 443Associate Professor of Health Science
Richard, Lucy860.768.5374D 429DAssistant Professor of Radiography
Stewart, Kori860.768.4831D 437Clinical Assistant Professor of Radiologic Technology
A= Auerbach Hall D = Dana Hall

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

Bellows, Danielle860.768.5243D 410HVisiting Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy
Bertucco, Matteo860.768.4242D 410JAssistant Professor of Physical Therapy
Brown, Angela860.768.4556D 401GVisiting Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy
Certo, Catherine860.768.5367D 410EProfessor of Physical Therapy; Chair, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
Crane, Barbara860.768.5371D 410CProfessor of Physical Therapy; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Felmlee, Duffy860.768.4416D 312AClinical Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences
Gannotti, Mary860.768.5373D 410FProfessor of Physical Therapy
Goodworth, Adam860.768.5571D 408AAssociate Professor of Physical Therapy
Leard, John860.768.5115D 410DAssistant Professor of Physical Therapy
Lee, Daniel860.768.5490D 312AAssistant Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences
Parente, Matthew860.768.5406D 312AAssistant Professor of Prosthetics and Orthotics
Pogemiller, Kelly860.768.5405D 410EVisiting Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy
Pratt, Kristamarie 860.768.5266D 312CAssistant Professor of Physical Therapy
Prokop, Tricia860.768.4851D 401 BClinical Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy
Roller, Dawn860.768.5181D 401EAssistant Professor of Physical Therapy
Saavedra, Sandra860.768.5567D 410JAssistant Professor of Physical Therapy
Snowdon, Donna860.768.4556D 401GClinical Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy
Wininger, Michael860.768.5787D 312BAssistant Professor of Prosthetics and Orthotics
D = Dana Hall