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May 2015

Dr. David Pines, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering in CETA

Dr. David Pines
Successes and Challenges of International Development Projects on a Continuously Changing Landscape: Experiences in India and Kenya
pines 1
Locations in Kenya where introduction of sustainable technology to substantially improve the human conditions
pines 2
We were interested to learn of unexpected results
pines 3
Having water available at schools kept students from walking home at lunchtime to drink (and often not return for afternoon classes), thereby improving their education
pines 4
Water storage tanks were attractive to monkeys, who ripped the covers off and enjoyed drinking.
pines 5
Human-powered threshing machines for wheat were ineffective for the grains grown in Africa (sorgum and amaranth), requiring total redesign of the machines.
pines 6
Everyone can use the human-powered threshing machines.
pines 7
The lively presentation helped us to understand the huge needs of developing countries, the benefits that can be provided, relatively inexpensively, by developed countries, and the need to involve all stakeholders before attempting to make improvements.

Business Meeting

Robert Wallace
Robert Wallace, Chair of the EA, conducted the business meeting.
Leo Smith
Scholarship Chair & EA Vice Chair Leo Smith described the EA Scholarship process, named the two University of Hartford students who will receive a $1,000 scholarship for next year. These are funded entirely by donations from Emeriti Association members. Both students will be our guests at the October, 2015 EA meeting.
John Schloss
Executive Committee member John Schloss presented Tom Perra for membership in the Emeriti Association. Tom was elected unanimously.
Mary Dowst
Mary Dowst, EA Treasurer & Executive Secretary, presented the report of the financial situation. The Emeriti Association is fiscally sound, and the generosity of its members has created a scholarship endowment that may allow three scholarships (presently two) to be given next year.

Anton Goff

Ed Weinswig
EA member Ed Weinswig introduced Anton Goff, the new UH Athletic Director.
Anton Goff
Anton Goff shared his thoughts on the role and importance of collegiate athletics in students' lives.

President Walter Harrison

President Harrison
President Walt Harrison discussed the 2014-15 academic year, the challenges facing higher education, and the ways in which the University of Hartford is responding to them. There are three mains goals: define what makes a University of Hartford education; prepare students for their first jobs and entire careers; add to our strengths as a residential institution including adding to the existing online educational opportunities at the graduate level. Initiatives are underway to improve communication and interactions: faculty-student, student-student, and staff-student. Facilities improvements soon to be done include the Library, Gengras Student Union, and student housing.