FSAE | Plans for the 2012-13 season
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FSAE | Plans for the 2012-13 season

The FSAE team has almost doubled in size this year, meaning the members are more competitive and ambitious than ever before. For the 2012-13 season, the car’s suspension has completely been redesigned and improved. Suspension improvements increase handling capabilities as well as dynamic track response. The electrical system has been re-evaluated in terms of its efficiency and safety. The body aerodynamics have been studied using Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Analysis. Other improvements on the car include a brand new pedal system, which will help strengthen the car’s maneuverability, and a new air intake. Most of the components made by the team are modeled using the 3-dimensional modeling environment of SolidWorks and simulated/analyzed using finite element analysis techniques.

  • Improvement 1
    Improvement 1
  • Improvement 2
    Improvement 2
  • Improvement 3
    Improvement 3
  • Improvement 4
    Improvement 4