Requirements and Responsibilities
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Requirements and Responsibilities

The requirements, responsibilities, and benefits for being a CETA student ambassador & leadership society member include the following:

  • An overall GPA above 3.0.

  • Attend the seminar series/training sessions organized by the advisors / leadership team.

  • Ability to commit to at least two years of CETA Student Ambassadors membership.

  • Participate in at least three CETA Student Ambassadors "events" each semester. The events will vary in nature, including college tours for visitors, open house events, freshmen seminars, freshmen mentoring, orientation events, middle and high school outreach, for example.

  • The student ambassadors will receive excellent personal and professional development opportunities, develop and hone their communication and leadership skills.

  • The student ambassadors will have the opportunities to attend and present at regional conferences, such as ASEE (American Society of Engineering Education), SWE (Society of Women Engineers) regional conferences, or WEPAN (Women in Engineering ProActive Network).

  • Compensation begins Ambassadors second semester and future compensation depends on funding availability.

 Deans' Ambassador JacketsMandatory training sessions are held during both fall and spring semesters –once a month and topics will be things such as:

  1. Getting to know each other and Mission as a CETA student ambassador

  2. Introduction to individual CETA programs

  3. Open house, orientation, interaction with parents

  4. Nuts and bolts in student mentoring

  5. In-depth understanding of individual CETA programs

  6. Organization skills, communication skills, and time-management

  7. Women in CETA, Women in STEM, team building

  8. Leadership