Kiwon Sohn
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Kiwon Sohn

by Todd Manning

Kiwon SohnProfessors and students alike might have first encountered Kiwon Sohn flying his drone on the second floor of the UT building. That drone was a self-programmable drone of which Sohn took the reigns over. Kiwon Sohn is an assistant professor in electrical and computer engineering with a strong interest in humanoid robotics. Sohn recently traveled from his most recent school, UNLV, where he and a group of other students competed in the DARPA robotics challenge which featured schools like WPI, the University of Tokyo, and UCLA.

Just like what was done at UNLV, Sohn is hoping to start a robotics club here at the University of Hartford so that students here can compete in competitions across the country, and hopefully DARPA itself. For the DARPA challenge, his main focus was on humanoid robotics, having the robot’s complete tasks such as driving a car, turning a valve and other activities that a person can do that can be programmable to a robot. His ultimate goal is help in the process of creating robots that can be used as personal assistants of which can perform such tasks. Sohn is also going to instruct students in the upcoming semester with his new classes in robotics. Students and faculty can email Sohn at He is enjoying his stay here at Hartford and is looking forward to teaching and improving the skills of robotics to not only himself but students alike.

Humanoid Robot

Links to DARPA Robotics Challenge tasks.

Driving a car:

Valve turn:

Stair Climbing:

Debris Removal: