WeSaam Lepak
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WeSaam Lepak

WeSaam LepakWeSaam Lepak is a junior at the University of Hartford, pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Acoustics and a minor in Mathematics. He has an interesting perspective on the college because of his vast experience in other countries across the globe. Due to his father’s job, WeSaam was able to live in Brazil, Qatar, Sweden, Germany, and Washington D.C. which strengthened his interest in travel.

As a resident assistant on the Global Engagement floor of Hawk Hall, he encourages freshmen to study abroad in order to gain a fuller perspective like he has. WeSaam enjoys music which translates into an acoustics focus for his mechanical engineering degree. Winning the NASA Connecticut Space Grant Consortium allowed Lepak to pursue this focus at Longman Lindsey as an acoustics architecture intern. There he would perform on-site acoustic measurement surveys at places like The One World Trade Center, GM Building, IAC Building, and Hudson Yards.

WeSaam chose the University of Hartford because of its outstanding acoustics program as well as its size and location. He’s found that small class sizes allow professors to interact and have a relationship with their students, which translates to better attention and more successful classes. The University of Hartford provides WeSaam with many extracurricular opportunities that he’s taken full advantage of such as the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity, CETA ambassadors, Acoustical Society of America, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the position as a physics lab teacher’s assistant in addition to being a resident’s assistant.

To prospective students, WeSaam says to “find your passions because work is very easy when you’re doing something you like, and work won't even seem like work. So, as soon as you find your passion, just go for it and life will be very easy and you’ll be happy .”